2020-07-30 E-Edition


LISD teachers have been preparing to go back to the classrooms, as they are seen above during a professional development session held at the Elementary School Tuesday. Note the social distancing and the masks…… It looks like they’re ready, even though the District’s final plan for the opening of the new school year had not been released as of press […]

Do Not Open Mystery Seeds

This past weekend, several news agencies began reporting on mysterious packages containing seeds being delivered to homes and businesses across the country. Tuesday morning, the Texas A & M AgriLife Extension office in Giddings sent a warning to everyone in our County too. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is urging Texans to take extreme precaution if receiving unsolicited seed packets […]

Early voting extended

On Monday, Governor Greg Abbott issued a Proclamation extending the early voting period for the November 3rd Election by nearly a week. Under this proclamation, early voting by personal appearance will begin on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, and continue through Friday, October 30, 2020. The proclamation also expands the period in which marked mail-in ballots may be delivered in person […]

Take Time to Listen to the Children

There are many obvious ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has affected daily life for people all around the world. However, there is one effect that may not be so obvious, but it is gravely serious. Reports of child abuse, particularly of a sexual nature, have decreased since the start of “the new normal”. While this may sound like a […]

County- Wide Burn Ban Continues

Monday’s Commissioners Court, beginning with the usual part of the agenda, (opening prayer, minutes, comments from the public, bills, and reports from various departments) moved quickly. One of the most important items discussed during the meeting was the continuation of the Burn Ban, which they approved unanimously. Disposal of county property from the Sheriff’s Department was approved without question. Commissioners […]


The Texas Juvenile Justice Department offers, as needed, updated information on the COVID-19 stats for their facilities, one of which is the Giddings State School. On Monday, their update showed at the Giddings facility, 38 staff members and 77 youth had tested positive over the past several months. System-wide testing at all of their facilities has revealed 158 staff members […]


Youngsters who have been attending My Friend’s House are seen above standing in front of The Post, next to the Leader, as they made their weekly trek to the Lexington Recycle Center to dispose of their collected papers and cans. Also seen with the children are Michelle Lockhart (right), owner of My Friend’s House, and Shelbi Pharis.

From the Superintendent

Greetings from LISD! Well it’s getting closer! LISD’s first day of school is scheduled for August 19th. The first day will be a half-day for students to give our staff time to adjust to the numbers of students who are in attendance, make changes in schedules or just get things settled for the first full day of instruction. The district […]

In The Garden

Even the sharpest ear cannot hear an ant singing. While many people reach for the Raid at the sign of an insect, others look for food for them. Some insects are pretty scary, others people will make pets. A person can make a pet of many insects, including cockroaches. One popular insect pet is the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Feel your […]