Kidnapper Leads Officers on 11-Hour Chase

An accused kidnapper led four different law enforcement agencies and sixteen officers, along with one DPS helicopter, on a chase that lasted 11.5 hours last Saturday, September 12. At approximately 4 a.m. last Saturday morning, officers from the Giddings Police Department met with a female victim who reported that she had been kidnapped from her home and held captive since […]


City Council Votes No New Taxes

Lexington City Council met last Wednesday and voted unanimously to adopt the 2009 tax rate at .4609 per $100 value, which is exactly the same as the 2008 tax rate. This is a welcomed vote considering that the county property taxes are expected to increase from $.5728 to $.6275 per $100 value this year. The City Council also voted to […]

Rain, Rain, Rain and the County Burn Ban Lifted

Lee County Commissioners voted on Monday, September 14, to lift the long running Burn Ban. Over the past couple of weeks, the county has seen anywhere from 4 to 12 inches of rain. This past weekend, the rains helped to bring the fire index down from over 700, where it was at the last Commissioners’ Court meeting, to 292 on […]

Two Sentenced in District Court

On September 10, 2009, with the Honorable Terry Flenniken presiding, the 21st Judicial District Court of Lee County handed down two sentences. James Lee Black, 52, of Eagle Lake was sentenced to 510 days confinement in TDCJ State Jail Facility for Possession of a Controlled Substance- Methamphetamine, Less Than 1 Gram. He was also assessed a total of $890 in […]

No Cell Phones in School Zones

Lexington PoliceChief Randy Davenport advises that new “Cell Phones Prohibited” signs are being placed in School Zones. The new law effective as of September 1, 2009, prohibits the use of cell phones in an active school zone. Failure to comply carries a $250 fine.

Dear Editor

Dear Editor, At Wednesday’s City Council meeting it was pointed out that I was one of the “others” that wasn’t born and raised in Lexington and didn’t have any concern for our town. I take personal umbrage at this sentiment. It is true that I wasn’t born and raised in Lexington. But, my family and I love Lexington; we chose […]

From the Mayor’s Desk

While we are grateful for the rain, Lexington is still under restricted watering usage rules. Please refer to Chief Davenport’s column for the details or call City Hall to see when it is legal for you to water your lawn, wash your car of schedule your sprinklers.

Czars: Pulling the Curtain Back on Washington’s New Power Class

The framers of the Constitution knew the founding document of our democracy must be both the anchor of liberty and the blueprint for its preservation. Wisely, they provided a balance of powers to ensure no individual and no single arm of government could ever wield the forces of unchecked authority against the American people. Nearly 250 years later, we are […]

Texas Quail Study Group Workshop

By Paul Schattenberg

Helping landowners and others understand reduced quail habitat in the Blackland Prairies and Post Oak Savanna of Texas and how they might be restored is the focus of the Texas Quail Study Group workshop. The workshop will take place Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 in Cat Spring, about one hour west of Houston. According to Dr. Jim Gallagher, Texas AgriLife […]