I drive a lot, and it gives me time to think. Recently, as I took a curve on the ramp leading to the interstate, I noticed something. The posted speed limit for making that maneuver was 35, but, I could easily do it while going 50. Suddenly, it occurred to me, “That’s Grace; Grace built in to save my life.” Not so long after that, I was trying to merge in heavy traffic. Car after car ignored my signal. Then, one motorist paused and waved me in. Again, it was Grace. When I finally got up to speed, and a little more, I noticed heavy patrols on that road by the gendarmes. But, even though I Rev. DaveFischer was moving slightly faster than the posted limit, I was not stopped. Once more, Grace had protected me, and I smiled, not because I had gotten away with speeding, but because I had seen reality. In our increasingly non-believing world, many folks are fond of saying, “I don’t need all that religious stuff, I get along fine without it.” No, you don’t. You ignore it and pretend you don’t benefit because of it. Like me, Grace is all around you everyday. Pretending it is not there does not cancel the reality. As the old man said when his grandson declared that he did not believe in God. “That’s not the point. The point is that God believes in you.” It’s just a thought. Something to remember the next time you are traveling under the protection of Grace. 22p1.jpg

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2013-04-18 digital edition

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