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Have you ever
trained a puppy?
Top Reasons to Advertise Frequently
People have new wants and needs every day. Half of consumers
who had bought items in a week said that their decision to shop was
made that day. Frequent advertising reaches this “thin market” when
they are ready to buy, not just when you are ready to sell.
(How America Shops & Spends, 2009)
Frequent advertising reaches your customers, regardless of reading
habits. Frequency builds awareness. Awareness builds familiarity and
familiarity builds trust. Conventional wisdom says that your audience
needs to be exposed to your ad 2.5 times to sink in and build
awareness. Just like dieting, advertising gets the best results over time.
Frequent advertising helps you beat your competition. If you are not
advertising as much as your competition does, who is more likely to
reach the consumer, who is ready to shop?
Advertising frequently = higher than average results.
Have you ever trained a puppy?
Frequency helps your advertising cut through the clutter. You know
you have to repeat your commands before the puppy will change its
behavior. Repeating yourself to a target consumer increases the
odds that your message will get through.
People forget! What are the statistics about how fast people
forget? It used to be something like 80% forget a message
within 24 hours…… but, I forget.
Call the Lexington Leader to Advertise.
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