Pictured on this page are members of the Homecoming Court, Class Favorites, Cheerleader Beau and Band Beau and Sweetheart. In the top row of pictures, members of the Homecoming Court are seen. On the left are Kaila Coolidge and Brandon Meyer; in the middle are Emily Bell and Tyler Moerbe; and on the right are Heather Mills and Jace Jones. In the middle set of pictures, Class Favorites are seen. On the left are Sophomore Class Favorites, Kassie Prew and Jonathan Nail. In the center picture are Freshman Class Favorites, Kristen Boettcher and Colt Sunvison. On the right are Junior Class Favorites Ashley Graves and Luis Perez. In the bottom row of pictures are LHS Cheerleaders and the 2010 Cheerleader Beau, Landon Walch (left) and Tomi Dill, Band Sweetheart, along with Kyron Ellison, Band Beau. 041p7.jpg

Digital Edition

2010-11-04 digital edition

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