Left to right. Gerald McKee, Giddings; Doug Meyer, Weatherford; Wayne Shelly, Lexington; Landace Lehman, Giddings;Par Smith, Giddings; Nick Shelly, Bellville; Michael Mueller, Ft. Worth; Larry Spitzenberger, Giddings; Dale Hombre, Abilene; Thomas Ewing - first bow kill, Giddings; Tommy Ewing, Giddings; Larry Weiser, Giddings; JD Rhodes, Giddings; Brian Tracey, Lexington; Daniel Herbrich, Lexington; After one and a half days of hunting, the group came home with 2 animals qualifying in the gold category, 5 silver, 4 bronze, 2 fallow does and 1 axis doe. They all had a great time and look forward to next year's hunt. 047p1_xlg.jpg

Digital Edition

2009-04-16 digital edition

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