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Not Politically Correct

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I hate to carry on about the lies, hypocrisy, and denial of all things criminal in the democratic party and liberal media. But, it is so widespread, and with an administration that is bringing this to the forefront, it is hard to ignore. The liberals have had the ability to cover up their antics for so long, most people are aghast at what they are doing now that there is a voice exposing them.

One of the biggest hypocrites getting the attention of the media, with a mouth as big as his ego, is Jimmy Kimmel. After more than a week of silence on the Harvey Weinstein affair, he spoke up about how despicable Weinstein’s acts were. How was that “Man Show” for you Jimmy? Your stepping stone to the big-time with the misogynistic attitude, objectifying women as eye candy to be drooled over by men. You need to look at your actions and views before you start judging other people.

Another action showing the liberal media’s and academia’s true colors has been the brainwashing of the pliable minds of our young people, which was brought to light this past week. A journalist went on to a college campus and interviewed the easily fooled students on their thoughts about President Trump’s tax plan. Unanimously, they were against it, saying how bad it was and how he is trying to destroy our republic. They showed how clueless they are about real issues, and how they blindly believe what they hear from the liberal media.

When given details of a tax plan that was “touted” as being from their liberal hero, socialist, Bernie Sanders, the students all commented that it was a great plan and good for the country. However, upon the revelation that the plan was actually President Trump’s, all were shocked to hear that he had ideas they thought were good. Some even admitted that they should look at his ideas in a different light.

Too bad more of our young people don’t have the opportunity to hear the message of our administration in a truer light than in the view of a media that is so terribly biased.

Slowly but surely, as the lies and hypocrisy are exposed, we hope that the public will open their collective eyes and see things as they are, and not as some in high towers want you to believe.

Think about it.

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