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Lee County Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

April 24, 2017

A complainant requested a Criminal Trespass Warning be issued to her neighbor whom she said kept going to her apartment at Westwood Lane and bothering her. Deputy Jessup met with both parties and issued a Trespass Warning to the neighbor.

Deputy Jessup met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office who wanted to file Assault Charges on her boyfriend. A report was made for Assault Family Violence and a warrant was issued. The boyfriend was arrested and booked into jail.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call from a parent who was having issues with her juvenile son. Sgt Liles met with the parent and the juvenile and the situation was resolved.

A 9-1-1 caller reported that his control burn got out of control and a field was on fire. Sgt Liles and Capt. Allen responded, along with Lexington Fire Dept. A citation was issued for Reckless Damage.

Deputy Holloway was dispatched to Hwy 290 East approx. 2 miles out of Giddings to look for a motorist on the side of the road. Deputy Holloway located a red Cadillac and spoke to the driver who was out of gas. He was given a courtesy ride into town to get fuel.

A motorist reported a cow out on FM 1697 in Ledbetter. Deputy Flores ran the cow off the roadway.

Deputy Mastronardi was dispatched to Hope St. in Giddings to speak to a complainant who said that someone’s dogs were running loose. Last week one of the dogs attacked her dog. The officer reported that he would speak to the dog owner about keeping their dogs on their own property.

A concerned citizen reported that a truck was parked near the dumpster at the fair grounds on Hwy 290 West. Deputy Mastronardi located, identified, and spoke to the driver, who was dropping off items.

April 25, 2017

A resident of CR 118 called and complained about her neighbor. Deputy Flores went to her residence and spoke to her.

Deputy Holloway met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office. She gave a statement regarding a male subject that was causing problems. A Criminal Trespass Warning was issued to the subject and he was advised to stay off the complainant’s property.

A complainant reported that she paid a man for a single wide trailer four months ago and she hasn’t been able to contact the man from whom she bought the trailer. Deputy Holloway advised her to file a claim with the JP.

A caller requested to speak to an officer regarding threats that were made to her and some employees. Deputy Holloway met with the complainant and met with all parties involved. A report was made and the information will be forwarded to the County Attorney.

Sgt Liles was dispatched to assist a citizen on Hwy 290 West in Giddings. She advised that there was a snake in her house. The snake was located and removed from her residence.

A complainant reported that her ex-husband was at her residence on CR 231 and was not supposed to be there. Deputy Mastronardi was dispatched and advised that the subject was gone upon his arrival. He will patrol the area throughout his shift.

Giddings Police Dept. requested a deputy to check the area of 359 W. Richmond. They had received a report of gun fire in the area and their officers were tied up. Deputy Mastronardi patrolled the area, but did not hear any gun shots.

April 26, 2017

A woman reported that her son is an MHMR patient and he was acting very aggressive and asked if an officer could meet with her at her residence on CR 114. Deputy Flores and Deputy Mastronardi met with both parties. The subject had calmed down and agreed to go to bed.

Deputy Flores met with a caller on FM 141 after she requested to speak to an officer regarding her husband. She also reported that some lights next door were turning off and on. She was told to call her husband in the morning and he did not see the lights turning off and back on.

A concerned citizen reported that a young boy, approx. middle school age, rode his bike to the Iron Bridge and had been there for three hours. She requested an officer check on him. Deputy Nurse and Deputy Nelson located the subject and checked him out. He had a valid fishing license and was not school age.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call from a motorist who advised a cow was out on FM 141 near the Middle Yegua. Deputy Nelson was dispatched to the call and advised dispatch that the cow ran in on the southwest side of the Middle Yegua.

Deputy West was dispatched to the Giddings Rodeo Arena to check on two males who were seen walking down Hwy 290 West. He searched the area but advised no one was at the arena.

A motorist reported a large piece of tire in the outside, northbound lane of Hwy 77 approx. ¼ mile south of CR 221. Sgt Ray patrolled the area but reported back to dispatch that the highway was clear of any debris.

A caller was concerned about his neighbor. She had walked up to the fence and was talking to him about her husband leaving her. He said she wasn’t making any sense. He advised that she was walking through cactus and a barbed wire fence. He asked if an officer could check on her. Sgt Ray and Deputy West spoke to the neighbor and the female. She was ok.

Deputy West was dispatched to CR 117 in Giddings after a caller reported hearing a loud banging in the area. He patrolled the perimeter of the residence and found everything secure.

April 27, 2017

An alarm company reported a business alarm on CR 208 in Giddings. Deputy Nelson and Deputy Nurse arrived on scene and spoke to two subjects who were there. They were employees and accidentally set the alarm off. The information was verified and the owner was notified.

A caller advised that there was a lady on the property who thought someone was trying to get her. She stated that someone was possibly in a shed hiding. Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Nurse responded to the residence on CR 114. The lady was taken back to her residence.

Deputy West responded to a missing person call. The caller stated that her niece was missing and was last seen the prior evening around 5-6pm walking on HWY 290 from Brenham to Giddings. The niece was on Facebook and she was fine.

A complainant advised that she locked her keys in her car at the high school softball field. Sgt Ray was able to unlock the vehicle.

Sgt Ray and Deputy West were dispatched to CR 213 for a welfare concern. The caller advised that she wanted a welfare check on a friend. The friend’s husband served her divorce papers and she was sending him texts about wanting to hurt herself. Everything was fine.

April 28, 2017

A caller advised that he fell in the bathtub and needed help getting out. Sgt Ray and Deputy West assisted Lee County EMS with lifting the subject.

Deputy Jessup was dispatched to CR 205 for cows and donkeys out. The animals were removed from the roadway.

A complainant wanted to report that a family member kept taking his vehicle without his permission. Sgt Liles met with the complainant at his residence on HWY 21. His sisters have power of attorney and they take the vehicle to get groceries for him.

Sgt Liles and Deputy Jessup responded to a disturbance on HWY 21. The caller stated that her brother was threatening her with a knife and a gun. A report was taken and a citation was issued for assault by contact.

A caller advised that some goats were left at a place at the corner of CR 200 and PR 2001. The mobile home is gone but the goats were still there and have been getting louder like they have no food or water. Deputy Jessup checked the area and found no PR 2001. The deputy located the goats at CR 200 and CR 238. They had water but unsure of food.

Deputy Jessup was dispatched to CR 113 for a suspicious vehicle. The caller stated that a black truck with tinted windows was driving back and forth on CR 113 to FM 2440. The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.

A complainant advised that someone vandalized the manager’s office door at Tex- Villa Apartments. Sgt Liles took a report for vandalism.

An alarm company advised of a residential burglary alarm on PR 5013. Deputy Flores and Deputy Mastronardi responded to the call and advised all was ok.

April 29, 2017

Travis County Sheriff’s Office requested a welfare check on one of their deputies that did not show up for work, nor did he call in. Deputy Holloway was dispatched to CR A to the deputy’s residence. He was fine; he woke up late.

A resident on PR 2141 advised that her mailbox was missing and her neighbor’s mailbox was messed up. Deputy Jessup took a report.

Deputy Holloway was dispatched to HWY 290 near the Bowling Alley for a welfare concern. The caller advised that two 10-11 year olds were riding bikes down 290. The deputy was unable to locate them.

A motorist advised that a male subject was sitting on the side of the road on HWY 77. Deputy Mastronardi was unable to locate the subject.

Sgt Liles, Deputy Flores, Deputy Mastronardi and Giddings Police Department were dispatched to Clark Lane for a suicidal subject. The complainant advised that her husband stated he was going to kill himself and walked out the door. The subject calmed down and stated he would not harm himself.

April 30, 2017

A wrecker driver called out to an accident reported that there was property damage. Deputy Mastronardi was dispatched to HWY 21 near the Bastrop County Line for the accident. A report was taken.

Deputy Flores and Deputy Mastronardi were dispatched to CR 123 for a domestic disturbance. The husband advised that his wife was tearing the house apart and wanted her to stop. She was angry and taking things. While on the line with the husband, the wife called 911 and stated that he pushed her and locked her out of the house. He kept the baby inside and she wanted her baby. The parties were separated for the night.

ADT called in a residential alarm on CR 117. The residents were called, but were not home. Deputy Mastronardi responded to the call and advised that a tree branch hit the window causing the alarm to go off.

A resident on Lazy Oaks Lane accidentally locked her keys inside her vehicle. Deputy Jessup was able to unlock the vehicle.

Dispatch received a residential alarm on CR 309. Deputy Mastronardi responded to the call.

A caller reported a cow out at HWY 21 east of CR 113. Deputy Flores located the cow and removed it from the roadway.

Jail Report

Jail Count: 04/30/17: 46
Male: 40 Female: 6

Lexington will be celebrating their Annual Lexington Homecoming this weekend. May everyone enjoy the festivities and meeting with old friends. Let’s have a safe and enjoyable time.


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