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First Place Artist

Rylin Brown’s First Place Poster Rylin Brown’s First Place Poster Congratulations to Rylin Gage Brown, first place winner in the 2016-2017 Republic of Texas Museum K- 5 division of District 7 Art Contest. Rylin is student at Lexington Elementary School and son of Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Brown.

The topic for the student’s artwork reveal the diverse culture and heritage of Texans living in their area prior to 1850 and their contribution to our great state.

Rylin and his family, along with other winners, were invited to the Awards Program March 25th at the Texas State Cemetery Gallery to receive their certificate, ribbon and monetary award.

The Native Texas License Plate grant provided the monetary award. When you see a vehicle with a NTLP plates, know the proceeds from these plates are supporting Texas History Education.

The RT Museum is an integral part of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. DRT is divided into ten districts. In each district first, second, and third place awards are given.

Rylin‘s award winning poster “The Texas Devils” portrays Major Ben McCullough, a former Texas Ranger. Note cards are made from each winning poster.

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