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City Council Election Saturday

Candidates answer one more question to enlighten voters

The Lexington City Council election will be held this Saturday, May 6 where three positions will be filled. Six people signed up to run for those three seats, including incumbents Tim Brown and Garland Moffett. Also running are former City Council member Cindy Herklotz, Bobby Wesner, Frank Tillery and Chris Wornell. Charlotte Hooper, whose seat is one of the three up for election, chose not to run again.

In preparation for the election, the Leader asked a final question of the six candidates, this one concerning growth. Despite the brevity of their answers, each was thoughtful and showed the depth of their concern for the wellbeing of our community.

This week, the Leader proposed the following question to the candidates:

Some say that Lexington is poised to grow, with the expansion of the Austin and Bryan/College Station communities, and all points in between. How would you deal with sudden growth in Lexington as a council member and why?

Their answers, some of which were edited to fit the 50 word limitation, are as follows:

Garland Moffett said, “I love our small town and it seems growth is inevitable. I recommend we form a planning committee made up of School Officials, City Council members, EDC, youth organizations, community members, Chamber, and other organizations to help prepare for that time while getting input from all aspects of our community.”

Bobby Wesner offered, “Minimal growth is needed in any community to survive. As a council member, I would try to insure our infrastructure would support expansion for the future. Increasing our tax base with annexation of new developments and subdivisions would help our city keep up with expansion.”

Frank Tillery said, “As for Lexington being poised to grow, past actions have not supported it. Areas annexed did not receive services and have been de-annexed. Before we can grow, we need to get our priorities lined up and completed.”

Tim Brown offered, “The footprint of Lexington is small. It would be difficult to annex additional property. City utility services are nearly at their limit. I would deal with the growth by explaining the utility situation to the public. There is no bad idea. If we wish to raise taxes dramatically, expansion is possible.”

Cindy Herklotz said, “I am all for growth. We need it and we better get ready for it. If you don’t open your doors for growth, it will come anyway and we won’t be ready for anything. Let’s listen to our residents to learn what they want. They could have some great input.”

Chris Wornell added, “I have no problem with growth in Lexington. It can be a good thing. I think we need to listen to our citizens when new things are coming our way and let their voices be heard. They are the ones that will make a business successful.”

As of press time, 30 people had cast their ballots during early voting, twice the number of votes cast during last year’s dismal voter turnout.

Polls will be open on Saturday from 7 a.m until 7 p.m. at the Lexington Elementary School. Please exercise your right to vote.

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