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Lee County Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

April 17, 2017

A resident on FM 1624 called and reported that a dark colored sedan was driving up and down the roadway at a high rate of speed. Deputy Mastronardi patrolled the area but did not locate the vehicle.

Deputy Jessup and Deputy Mastronardi were dispatched to the 7800 block of FM 141 in Dime Box to meet with a complainant. She reported that a male subject had been pushing her around. Deputies spoke to both parties involved and they were separated for the night. The male subject was given a courtesy ride.

A motorist reported a horse out on CR 317 near the “Y” in Lexington. Deputy Nurse was in the area and searched for the horse, but advised dispatch that the roadway was clear of any horses.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call from a concerned citizen. He reported that a Hispanic male, wearing a gray tank top and black jeans, was walking down FM 2440 and had just walked into the woods. Deputy Nelson and Deputy Nurse were dispatched to the area and located the subject. His vehicle was broke down and he was walking back home. Deputy Nurse gave him a courtesy ride to his residence.

Information was called in regarding a 4-wheeler that was parked at an abandoned piece of property in FM 141 in Dime Box. The informant first noticed the 4-wheeler a few days ago. Deputy Nurse and Deputy Nelson located the 4-wheeler and ran it through TCIC/NCIC to check if it was stolen. It came back clear. They left a message for the possible owner to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Nelson was called to the office to speak to a complainant. She reported that she had been assaulted and was afraid of her boyfriend. She did not want to file any charges and wanted to go home.

A motorist reported a black cow out on CR 327 appx 1 mile east of Hwy 77. The cow had no ear tags or brands. Deputy Nurse located the cow and advised he ran it into a pasture and it will stay there until he locates the owner.

A complainant reported to Deputy Nurse that she dropped her cell phone at school in Dime Box. The phone was pinged at a residence on CR 138. When she calls whoever has it, the phone just hangs up. Deputy Nurse was given the information and an investigation continues at this time.

Cpl Rudolph and Deputy West were dispatched to a vehicle that was in the ditch on Hwy 77 South. The caller did not stop to check for injuries. DPS did the report. No one was injured and the vehicle was not towed.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call from ONSTAR of a one vehicle rollover on HWY 21 near CR 426. The driver advised that her vehicle slid on the wet road and she was in a field. She also advised that the vehicle was on its side and she had a head, hip and waist injury. Cpl Rudolph and Deputy West assisted Trooper Berry and Trooper Rutledge with the accident. The driver was transported to Caldwell Hospital.

April 18, 2017

A caller requested a welfare check on his sister in law on PR 1412. The caller advised that she had been calling and texting him saying she had a water leak. He advised that she was off her meds and was acting out. Deputy Nurse responded to the call and advised that a friend had dropped her off. She was fine.

Deputy Nelson was dispatched to FM 448 for a suspicious vehicle. The caller reported seeing a black Ford Expedition parked on the side of the road. She advised that she had never seen that vehicle in the area before. The deputy stopped the vehicle and made contact with the occupants. They were visiting relatives.

A complainant advised that he had been getting constant text messages from someone he doesn’t know. Deputy Nurse met with the complainant at the Sheriff’s Office and a report was taken for harassment.

Dispatch received a call from someone stating that his sister in law called his wife and explained that her ex husband showed up at her house and was trying to break in a window to get in. Deputy West responded to the call on PR 2332 and took a report for Criminal Mischief.

A caller advised that a vehicle was close to a fence line in the ditch on HWY 77 at HWY 21. Sgt Ray assisted Trooper Barry with the accident.

April 19, 2017

Giddings Police Department advised of a third party caller a report of a 13 year old male who ran from his uncle’s house on San Antonio St. after an argument. It was also advised that the male subject was somewhere in the area and Giddings Police Department needed assistance locating him. Cpl Rudolph and Deputy West assisted the police department.

Cpl Rudolph and Deputy West were dispatched to assist a citizen. A woman called in, reporting that her adult son was out walking around Dime Box again. She requested help getting him back to their house. He returned home and everything was ok.

A motorist reported that a red SUV was parked in the traffic lane on CR 430 approx ½ off FM 141. The caller advised that someone was inside the vehicle. Deputy Jessup was dispatched to the call. He advised that the vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

A caller requested a civil stand by at his residence on PR 1412. He wanted to get his belongings and he did not want any problems. He was able to get his personal items without any trouble.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call reporting that a vehicle hit a fence and was stuck in the ditch on CR 326. No one was in or around the vehicle. Sgt Liles was dispatched to the scene. The driver of the vehicle had made contact with the landowner and worked out a deal where he would fix the fence.

An ambulance was dispatched to a residence on Hwy 77 North after a caller requested that his wife be transported back to the hospital. Capt Allen responded to assist at the scene.

ADT reported a residential alarm on CR 117 in Giddings. Sgt Liles checked out the residence and the homeowner was there. She was ok; it was a false alarm.

A caller advised that his friend had a four wheeler accident and had a head injury. Sgt Liles, Deputy Mastronardi, Deputy Flores, Lee County EMS and Giddings Fire Department were dispatched to CR 200 and CR 105. The patient was airlifted.

April 20, 2017

Union Pacific advised a SUV hit a train railing at CR 117 and CR 110. The female occupant was out of the vehicle. Deputy Mastronardi, Deputy Flores and Lee County EMS responded to the call. An accident report was taken.

Deputy Holloway and Deputy Jessup responded to a suspicious vehicle call on CR 203. The caller reported that there was a man sleeping in a vehicle in front of his driveway. The caller made contact with the subject and told him he was on his way to Houston. The deputies made contact with the subject and advised he was just napping.

A caller advised that he was trying to install cable for a customer and was asked to leave because of the color of his skin. The caller stated he left behind a drill and a meter. He was trying to call the customer back to get the rest of his equipment and was getting no answer. Deputy Holloway went with the caller to the residence on CR 405 to recover his equipment.

Dispatch received a call from the VA stating that they received a call from a woman who stated that her husband abuses her. She told the social worker that her husband beats her and stabbed her with a screwdriver. The stabbing occurred 30 minutes prior to notifying the Sheriff’s Office. Capt Allen, Sgt Liles, Deputy Holloway, Deputy Jessup and Lexington Officer Landrum were dispatched to HWY 77 north. All units arrived on scene but were unable to locate the subject.

Deputy Mastronardi and Deputy Flores were dispatched to HWY 21 near FM 3403 for a welfare concern. A caller reported a male subject walking along HWY 21 yelling and cussing at the cars. He was yelling and cussing at the honey man before coming to the caller’s car and started yelling and cussing at her. The subject was given a ride to Whoop Stop.

A complainant advised that some people were fishing off the iron bridge on CR 326 and their vehicle was parked in the roadway. Deputy Flores responded to the call and advised the subject to not block the bridge.

A motorist reported cows out on CR 205. Deputy Mastronardi located the cows and removed them from the roadway.

April 21, 2017

Dispatch received a call about a cow out on FM 2239 near the Bastrop County line. Deputy Ledenbach was unable to locate the cow.

While on routine patrol, Deputy Nelson witnessed a 3 vehicle accident on Hwy 290 at FM 141. Giddings Police Dept was notified.

Deputy Nurse met with a complainant on FM 1624 approx 200 yards off Hwy 21 in Lincoln. A vehicle drove passed him and hit his side mirror and broke a window. A blue form was given to the driver for insurance purposes.

A complainant called and reported that his neighbor was banging on his door and trespassing. Deputy Nurse and Deputy Ledenbach spoke to both parties involved and a report was made.

A concerned citizen reported that the lights were on and the garage door was open at a business on Hwy 21. Deputy West went to the location and advised dispatch that an employee was working on a forklift on the property.

Cpl Rudolph and Deputy West met with a caller on CR 231 in Giddings. She advised that her ex was possibly on his way to her residence and she was afraid he may assault her because he was intoxicated and he becomes violent when he drinks. The deputies patrolled the area for the remainder of their shift.

April 22, 2017

A motorist reported that someone lost their 4-wheeler off their vehicle and it was in the middle of Hwy 77 just north of Hwy 21. Cpl Rudolph and Deputy West arrived on scene and advised that the owner was there loading it back up.

Deputy Nelson and Deputy Nurse were dispatched to Hwy 21 East to check on a truck that was pulling a trailer with a bale of hay that was on fire. The Lincoln Fire Dept. was toned out to put the fire out.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a 3rd party call advising of a disturbance at a residence on FM 1624. Deputy Nelson and Deputy Nurse responded. Everything was ok.

Deputy Nurse located a motorist on the side of the road on FM 696 West. The driver had run out of gas. Deputy Nurse gave him a courtesy ride to the gas station.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a 9-1-1 call that was pinged at the Fireman’s Park. Dispatch could hear yelling in the background. Sgt Ray and Deputy West checked the location and advised there was an event going on. Everything was ok.

A caller reported that her car was broken down on Hwy 290 West. Deputy West stopped by to make sure the driver was ok. A tow truck showed up a few minutes later.

April 23, 2017

An anonymous caller reported that he could hear screaming and see lights coming from a brushy area. Cpl Rudolph and Deputy West located a vehicle that had run off the roadway on CR 118 in Giddings. An accident report was made.

Cpl Rudolph was dispatched to a residence in Shady Oaks in Giddings. A resident reported that the neighbor’s dogs were running around and barking nonstop. The owner agreed to take care of the problem.

Deputy Nelson was dispatched to the Rodeo Arena to check on 4 juveniles who were seen in the parking lot with a BB gun. He checked the property and the concession stand. The juveniles were gone and the property was found secure.

Fayette County called and requested assistance in locating a black SUV that was possibly involved in a theft in their county. Deputy Nurse and Deputy Nelson located the vehicle and stopped it on Hwy 77 near FM 448. The occupants and vehicle were held until Fayette County arrived and took them into custody.

A caller reported that her daughter had just been at her residence and attempted to push her way into her house. She advised that she appeared to be high on drugs and was concerned about her grandchildren who were in the vehicle. Deputy Ledenbach spoke to both parties involved and they agreed to stay away from each other.

Jail Report

Jail Count: 04/24/2017: 45
Males: 42 Females: 3

Remember you can now properly dispose of unused medication in the Med Return box at the Sheriff’s Office 24/ 7, free of charge.

Bluebonnet Area Crime Stoppers is in need of Lee County citizens to serve as board members. If you would like to get involved, please give me call at 979-542-2800.

To Report a Crime Call Crime Stoppers 1-866-930-TIPS (8477) www.leecountysherifftx.org

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