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Lexington Police Deal with Graffiti-Clad Buildings and Roads

Late Easter night, early into Monday morning, April 17, the Lexington Police Department began an investigation into several incidents of graffiti. According to Officer Ted Walton, he was on patrol, driving down 5th Street, when he noticed something painted on the street in white. Identifying it as graffiti, he began a report.

Later that morning, Allen Retzlaff, Director of Maintenance for Lexington Independent School District, called Officer Walton and reported finding obscenities painted on the east side of the main building at the Lexington Elementary School.

Officer Walton contacted Officer Chris Landrum and the two of them did a complete survey of the city, finding several other locations where graffiti had been painted on buildings, signs, parking lots and more. The nature of all the graffiti was obscene, both in words and pictures.

In addition to graffiti found on 5th Street and the Elementary School, it was found on the parking lot of the Post Office, on the Solid Rock Daycare sign, at the high school football field, on trash cans throughout town, on a vacant residence on Hale Street, on the west side of the Park Building, on the play equipment at the park and on the handicap signs and parking spaces at the city park. The paint cans used in the criminal mischief were found in the trash cans at the park.

Officer Walton said, “They even spray painted a dead snake.”

The paint had apparently been taken from the baseball fields, as it was marking paint used to delineate a baseball diamond. Finger prints were recovered from the cans of paint.

Several leads have been given to the Police Department.

A video was recovered from the Lexington High School football field and suspects in the case are expected to be confirmed, pending a complete review of the video tapes.

Officer Walton said, “The charges the culprits are facing are serious. These criminal acts are felonies, so once we do all the legwork, confirming identities from the video tapes and finger prints, serious charges could follow. It would be wise if the guilty persons come forward and help with the cleanup, the charges could be reduced. I would hate to see these young people ruin their future due to their bad decision to damage public and private property.”

He continued, “Some cleanup has already been done. Thanks to the quick work of Allen Retzlaff and the Lexington School maintenance staff, the graffiti was removed [from the Elementary School] before it became permanent.”

A reward is also being offered. Anyone having information can contact LPD at 979-773-4844.

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