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Lexington Log Cabins and Heritage Center Welcomes Visitors and Members at Homecoming

New exhibit featuring info on Lexington’s Founder

The Lexington Log Cabins and Heritage Center, located on the north side of the Square, welcomes visitors and members to Lexington during Homecoming.

This year, the Log Cabins have added a new building and a new exhibit that features a miniature model of Lexington from the 1940’s- 60’s era, built by the late Jerry Poston, Sr. and donated to the Log Cabins by Jerry’s family.

In addition to the Lexington Replica made by Jerry Poston, visitors will also be able to see a law book alleged to have been used by James Shaw, the founder of Lexington.

The Texas State Historical Association states on their website, “James Shaw rode horseback into the area in 1837 seeking a favorable grant of land as a reward for his military service to the Republic of Texas. A few families were living east of his claim at that time. Among the other early settlers in the area were Titus Mundine, Gabriel Smith, and Thomas Suppington. In 1848 a post office named String Prairie opened with Shaw as the postmaster; he was also the schoolteacher, a surveyor, and a legislator. In 1850 the community changed its name to Lexington, after the town in Massachusetts. The economy was based on farming and open-range ranching. Settlers on the prairie east of the settlement raised cotton. In 1869 twenty-one families moved by wagontrain from Mississippi, and most settled in this area. As the population increased, so did the need for services: general stores, gristmills, blacksmith and woodworking shops, and saloons opened. R. M. Dickson built a general store in 1860 that lasted into the 1930s. A building he built in 1892 was still in use as a grocery store in 1989.”

That building is known to many of us as the old Mercantile building, which was purchased by Bobby and Carissa Wesner who own Mom and Dad’s Ice House in the same location.

The purpose of the Lexington Log Cabins and Heritage Center, Inc. is to represent the life of the early settlers of northern Lee County, paying particular attention to the rural life.

Members work to preserve the three circa 1850 log structures, and their furnishings, that are on the premises.

They also catalog and make available documents of historical value or interest, and to promote educational programs that will bring about a better understanding of the history, arts and sciences of the area.

This organization owns the furnishings, documents, contents and accouterments of the cabins and acts as manager and operator of the real property that is owned by the City of Lexington, with whom they have a formal operating agreement.

Please visit the Log Cabins and Heritage Center, and get involved in preserving the heritage of Lexington and north Lee County.

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