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Lee County Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

April 10, 2017

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call from a woman who reported that she had arrived home and found her TV broken. It appeared that someone had gone through her things. Deputy Ledenbach was dispatched to the 1105 Westwood Lane to take a report.

A motorist reported 2 cows out on FM 696 West between CR 309 and Sherrill Lane in Lexington. Captain Allen ran the cattle into a pasture.

Sgt Liles was dispatched to CR 223 approx 1 mile off Hwy 77 in Giddings after a caller reported a black cow out in the roadway. The cow went back at 1441 CR 223.

A complainant reported that she had received a call from her son saying someone was on his property. Deputy Mastronardi and Deputy Jessup were dispatched to CR 309 in Lexington.

Sgt Liles and Deputy Jessup were dispatched to a disturbance at 4135 E. Austin St. after a caller reported that her husband was there and the Sheriff’s Office could serve him papers. A second call was received from the husband stating that she was driving recklessly and tried to run him over. He requested a civil standby so he could get his property from the residence.

Child Protective Services requested a welfare check on 2 children that live on Kay St. Deputy Mastronardi responded and advised dispatch that no one was home.

Lee County EMS was dispatched to Westwood Lane Apartments after a woman called and advised that her 30 year old daughter fell down some stairs. Deputy Mastronardi and Deputy Jessup responded also, but the ambulance left the scene prior to their arrival.

Deputy Mastronardi was dispatched to a residence on CR 449 in Lincoln to speak to a complainant who advised someone stole his dog. The dog was located the next day.

Deputy Jessup located cattle out on CR 317 near CR 318. He was able to run them back into a pasture.

April 11, 2017

The Sheriff ’s Office received a residential alarm located on Hwy 290 West. Deputy Jessup and Deputy Mastronardi checked out the property and house and found everything secure. The key holder was notified.

A caller reported that a male subject backed up into her trailer and damaged it. Deputy Mastronardi went to the scene on FM 141 in Dime Box and gave her a blue form to fill out for her insurance.

A motorist reported cattle out on FM 696 East near the Burleson County line. Deputy Flores responded, clearing the cows off the road.

The Sheriff ’s Office received multiple 9-1-1 calls advising of a 4-vehicle accident on Hwy 21 near CR 113. Sgt Liles, Deputy Holloway and Deputy Flores responded and assisted with traffic control. One of the vehicles was an 18-wheeler. Hwy 21 was totally shut down. GVFD and Lincoln Fire Dept were dispatched to assist. Lee County EMS transported two occupants to Brackenridge Hospital.

ADT Security reported a residential alarm on CR 445 in Lincoln. Chief Deputy Crockett arrived at the residence and advised dispatch that the home owners were on scene.

A caller reported that a vehicle hydroplaned of Hwy 21 near FM 3403 and was in the ditch. Deputy Flores located the vehicle and gave the driver a ride to the Walch Store.

Deputy Holloway and Deputy Flores responded to a residential alarm on CR 125 in Ledbetter. They found the house and trailer on the property to be secure.

A complainant reported that she had received a call from her estranged husband who sounded very angry. She reported that he was going to assault her. Deputy Mastronardi met with the complainant at 4135 East Austin St. Her soon to be ex-husband was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning.

A resident reported that a vehicle crashed in front of her house on FM 1697 in Dime Box. She did not know if anyone was injured. Deputy Jessup and Deputy Mastronardi were dispatched, along with Lee County EMS.

April 12, 2017

A motorist reported a calf out in the 2700 block of CR 133. Deputy Nelson ran it into a pasture across from 2748 CR 133.

Deputy Nurse was advised that a white car was broke down on Hwy 21 East near CR 402 in Dime Box. The driver was attempting to flag motorists down. The vehicle was located but the driver was gone.

A lady called and requested an officer go by her residence on FM141 in Dime Box because she believed that someone put an illegal substance in her mail. Deputy West checked her mail and advised that he did not find anything wrong or suspicious.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call from a woman who advised her husband had a medical procedure the day before and he was feeling faint at the time of her call. He was driving a UPS truck and parked on the side of CR 315. Deputy Nurse and Deputy Nelson responded with Lee County EMS. Subject was transported to the hospital and UPS sent a wrecker for the truck.

Deputy Ledenbach met with a complainant on CR 430 in Dime Box. She advised that someone broke in her front door. She was not sure if anything was missing. A report was made and investigation continues.

April 13, 2017

A caller was having issues with a tenant at Tex Villa Apartments. She had been receiving complaints from other tenants that a man living on the second floor was throwing things over the balcony and marijuana could be smelled coming from his apartment. Deputy West and Deputy Nurse gave her options to get him evicted.

Cpl Rudolph was dispatched to FM 696 East to check for cattle out on the roadway. He patrolled the area and advised dispatched the road was clear of cattle.

A motorist reported that a white Chrysler Seabring was on Hwy 290 West headed eastbound and was failing to maintain a single lane. The license plate was given to Deputy Ledenbach, who conducted a traffic stop. The driver stated that he had been on his phone. He was issued a warning and advised to stay off his phone while driving for safety reasons.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call from a man who reported that he was arguing with his girlfriend and she threatened to take some pills. She stopped responding to all his texts. Cpl Rudolph and Deputy Ledenbach went to the residence to do a welfare check. The girlfriend was ok and did not respond to his texts because she was talking to her friend.

A resident reported that they heard an accident in front of their house on Hwy 77 approx 1 mile north of Hwy 21. Her husband ran outside to see if anyone was injured. Another caller reported that an 18-wheeler was blocking the highway and a car hit it. The driver was complaining of chest pain and his wife reported that her neck hurt. Dispatch toned out Lee County EMS and Lincoln Fire Dept. Lexington Fire Dept assisted with diverting traffic on Hwy 77 to FM 3403. Sgt Ray, Cpl Rudolph, and Deputy Ledenbach assisted at the scene. Trooper Rutledge took the crash report.

April 14, 2017

Sgt Liles met with a resident on CR 318 in Lexington who reported that someone killed one of his cows. The investigation continues at this time.

A complainant requested assistance with a snake trying to get in her front door at her residence on Hwy 21 in Dime Box. Sgt Liles and Deputy Holloway responded but advised the snake was gone.

Deputy Holloway was dispatched to Hwy 77 North just passed Hwy 21 after a caller reported seeing a suitcase and a backpack on the side of the road. Both were located and the contents were checked. Everything was ok.

A resident on CR 325 in Lexington reported to Sgt Liles that he found three of his cows dead in a pile by the road. The case is under investigation and the Cattle Ranger was notified with the information.

Sgt Liles spoke to a complainant who reported that someone had made unauthorized charges on his credit card. Report was made.

ADT reported a residential alarm in Lexington. Deputy Mastronardi and Deputy Jessup checked the house and advised everything was ok. Owner was on scene.

A concerned motorist reported that a white Ford F150 4 door was traveling on Hwy 21 East headed eastbound failing to maintain a single lane of traffic. Deputy Mastronardi and Deputy Jessup made a traffic stop. The driver was checked and released.

A caller reported that her downstairs neighbor had threatened to beat her up for not showing him respect. Deputy Jessup spoke to both parties. A Criminal Trespass Warning was issued.

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call from a resident on FM 141 in Giddings who reported his neighbors to the south of him were shooting and his cattle were out in the pasture. Deputy Mastronardi spoke to the neighbor who agreed to stop for the night.

April 15, 2017

Dispatch received a call from a woman crying. A man could also be heard yelling in the background. Both were yelling and screaming at each other. Deputy Holloway and Deputy Flores arrived at the residence on PR 1412 in Giddings. They were separated so that the verbal confrontation would stop. The man involved was given a courtesy ride to his brother’s house for the night.

Deputy Holloway and Deputy Flores met with a complainant on CR 204 in Giddings who reported Criminal Mischief. Officers close patrolled the area.

A caller reported that she gave a friend a ride home. She went back to the residence to pick up three horses and her friend would not answer the door or phone. She was afraid that she may have overdosed on pain medication. Sgt Liles, Deputy Holloway and Deputy Jessup responded, along with Lee County EMS to CR 436 in Dime Box. The woman was ok.

Deputy Jessup and Deputy Mastronardi were dispatched to FM 180 near CR 119 in Ledbetter after a complainant reported a trail ride and cars partially blocking the roadway. The officers responded, reporting that no vehicles were in the roadway.

April 16, 2017

The Sheriff ’s Office received a call from Scott & White Hospital in Taylor who had a man in the emergency room with a dog bite. The dog belongs to him. Deputy Holloway spoke to him and advised to keep the dog penned for 10 days.

Deputy Holloway met with a subject in the lobby at the Sheriff’s Office. The subject was placed under arrest on a warrant for Harassment.

A motorist called and reported that a gray Silverado with paper tags was driving recklessly and throwing objects out the window. The vehicle was on Hwy 290 and approx 3-4 miles east of Giddings. Deputy Flores looked but did not see a vehicle matching the description given.

Deputy Flores spoke to a complainant on the phone regarding telephone harassment. He spoke to the complainant’s boyfriend and advised him to stop texting the complainant or charges would be filed.

A caller reported a man passed out in his vehicle on CR 226 in Giddings. Deputy Jessup and Deputy Mastronardi responded to the call. The man was released to a responsible person.

Jail Report

Jail Count:
04/17/2017: 47
Males: 41 Females: 6

Remember you can now properly dispose of unused medication in the Med Return box at the Sheriff’s Office 24/ 7, free of charge.

Bluebonnet Area Crime Stoppers is in need of Lee County citizens to serve as board members. If you would like to get involved please give me call, 979-542-2800

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