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Lexington’s Past Reported

As uncovered by Stanley Miller

April 17, 1877- Galveston Daily News: From the Giddings Tribune: Picnics are now in order. A Sundayschool conference, consisting of about twenty different schools, will convene in Lexington on the fifth Sunday in this month. Capt. James Shaw, “Old Uncle Jim” of Lexington, has the finest garden in Lee county. The Temperance Society, and many other citizens met at Rabb’s Creek last Friday for dinner and speeches, followed by a ball at night at Nisbet & Knox’s Hall. A herd of cattle, consisting of 850 head, camped near this place on last Tuesday night. They were from Waller county, and en route to Round Rock.”

April 20, 1887 – Fort Worth Daily Gazette: The Post Office Department in Washington announced the opening of a new post office at Darden Springs, Lee county. William B. Darden was named the postmaster.

April 20, 1887 – Dallas Morning News: Under “Knights of Honor of Texas” J.M. Dickson of Lexington and L.H. Harkey of Paige were listed as delegates from subordinate councils that were in attendance.

April 16, 1897 – Galveston Daily News: A brief history of Central Texas Presbytery said that it was organized in Huntsville in 1854 and there were only four ministers in the new presbytery. The second meeting was held in the spring of 1855, at what is now called the Hugh Wilson church in Lee County. All the ministers who participated organizing of the presbytery were dead now.

April 17 -20, 1897 – Houston Daily Post articles: “U.C.V. Reunion” “Lexington, Texas, April 16 – Visitors are filling up the town. They are here to attend the Tom Douglass Camp, U.C.V. Captain Burns of Flatonia and Hon. N.B. Barbee of Crockett are among the visiting soldiers. The encampment will be tonight at the city park. Tomorrow a grand reunion, speaking, etc., will take place. Captain Barbee is booked for a speech.” The same issue of the newspaper noted that the telephone extension reached Lexington April 15 and H.J. Bissell of Tanglewood and Prof. Kuykendall of Lexington visited Giddings area for business.

Lexington, Texas, April 17.- Many Ex-Confederates arrived yesterday to participate in the reunion here. Messrs. R.E. Harris, T.B.G. Williard, Asa Moses, A.B. Green, B.F. Hopkins, and John J. Darden of Giddings went into camp last night. The many South Texas friends of Mrs. Charles Samuels of this place will be pained to learn that she is dangerously ill at her home.

Lexington, Texas, April 19.- The Confederate reunion yesterday was a grand success. About 100 old soldiers were in line, Colonel T.S. Douglass in command. An address of welcome was delivered by B.J. Fletcher of this place. Hon. N.B. Barbee, of Crockett, responded. Colonel Barbee was one of the pioneers of this section, but had been away from Lexington for forty years. His reminiscences of the past brought tears to many eyes. Abundant refreshments were available on the ground. There were many visitors from Caldwell, Rockdale and surrounding counties. The meeting of the camp was held in the afternoon. A resolution was adopted fixing Wimberley Lake as the place for the next annual reunion. This lake is a beautiful spot in the valley of the Yegua River, four miles south of Lexington on the San Antonio and Aransas Pass railway. Since the last reunion, five old veterans have “passed over the river to rest under the shade of the trees.” The festivities of the day were closed with a grand ball at the new McMillan hotel, and a social at the residence of Mr. Lee Riggs. It was a day of pleasure to an immense crowd and passed off without any accident.

April 18, 1897 – Galveston Daily News: Lee county nominees as notary public are: R. E. Harris. T. M. Kennerly, J. M. Brown. J. H. Tate. J. J. Darden, I. H. Bowers, P. Raube, Q. U. Watson, all at Giddings; E.E. Porter, Bismark Hester, N.J. Hamilton, at Lexington; and F. S. Dawson, at Nunnsville.

April 16, 1907 – Dallas Morning News: Under “Sons of Hermann” Delegates to the Sons of Hermann convention at Turner Hall in Dallas included; Herman Grosse, Giddings, Carl Foerster of Paige, F. Vanderwert of Lexington, F.C. Gest of McDade, R. Siegmund, Ledbetter.

April 16, 1907 – Bryan Morning Eagle: “Miss Alma Griffith, teacher of the Pitts Bridge school, which closed Tuesday, returned Sunday to her home at Lexington, Texas, after a visit to friends in this city.”

April 17, 1907 – The National Co-Operator and Farm Journal (Dallas, Texas): A letter from T.W. Gay of Tanglewood, stated that although Lee is not a large county it has “earnest, honest, hardworking citizens” blessed with the “Union” working among them “to free producers from industrial slavery.” The county meeting will be held at Pleasant Grove Local Union on May 11 and 12. With fourteen organizations in the county, a good attendance is expected. He went on to decry the many members who profess the aims of the Union but do not patronize the local warehouse nor support the national in fixing a minimum price for their goods but sell at any price offered.

April 17, 1907 – Galveston Daily News: “John Lawhon. Lexington, Tex., April 16. —Mr. John Lawhon, living in the Rankin neighborhood, some fifteen miles northwest of this place, died Sunday night at an advanced age. Mr. Lawhon was a prominent man in his neighborhood. He had filled the office of County Commissioner and Justice of the Peace for Lee County a number of terms. He was also a prominent minister of the Universalist faith.”

April 17, 1907 – Houston Post: The Rev. Mr. Bell of the Methodist church at Lexington is holding a tent meeting at Somerville that will stretch out until April 28 with two services daily. The Somerville merchants close for the 10 a.m. service. Also: The governor of Texas, on April 16, signed a bill to create a more efficient road system for Lee county.

April 19 – 20, 1907 – Galveston Daily News: “Lexington, Tex., April 17. — A terrific wind and sandstorm struck this place yesterday evening about 4:30 o’clock followed by a very good rain, which was badly needed. The wind did no serious damage so far as this vicinity is concerned.”

Giddings, Tex., April 19. — Dr. J.A. Fields reports that the contract has been let for the erection of the new oil mill for this place and that it will be finished in ample time for the new crop. This will make two oil mills for Giddings as we already have one. Several new residences are going up and every carpenter in town is busy, and they have all agreed to not work for less than $2.50 per day.”

April 14, 1917 – Galveston Daily News: Dr N. Williams of Lexington was among the doctors registered at the semi-annual meeting of the South Texas District Medical Association held in Houston.

April 17, 1917 – Colorado Citizen (Columbus, Texas): The following results reported for Lexington students placing at the District Meet held at La Grange were: Eliza Hamilton, third, Declamation, High School, Junior Girls; Terrell Hester, second, Declamation, High School, Junior Boys; Copeland, fourth, 220 yd. Dash; Lexington was third in the Mile Relay.

April 19, 1917 – Rockdale Reporter reprinted a report from the Lexington Enterprise that on Tuesday night, April 3, John Treadwell’s store at Tanglewood was entered and robbed of about one hundred dollars worth of goods, consisting of ready-made and other articles of clothing, tobacco and candy. Sheriff [W.D.] Scarbrough was notified at Giddings of the robbery and he made the trip from that place in an hour and twenty-eight minutes, stopping at Lexington to pick up Deputy Sheriff J. A. Vick. When the sheriff arrived at Tanglewood, they followed tracks going in the direction of Hicks, and near Charley Guard’s house. Constable Black of Tanglewood secured a search warrant and searched Guard’s house. They found some goods which gave them a clue. They then went to the Schneebly’s house and young Schneebly made a break to run. When he passed around the corner of the house, he rushed into the arms of one of the officers and was captured. He soon confessed and told that Nelson Ramseur was also in the bunch. They proceeded to Ramseur’s house and captured him. He directed them to the goods that he had taken which were hidden in the Yegua bottom. The two boys said that there were three other boys implicated and gave them their names, but they are still at large. Schneebly and Ramseur were taken to the county jail.— Lexington Enterprise

April 20, 1927 – San Antonio Light: Judge E.R. Sinks of Giddings was one of 20 witnesses called to testify in the trial of expelled former state representative F.A. Dale and H.H. Moore, on charges of accepting $1,000 in marked bills to defeat an optometrist license bill. Sinks was chairman of the house investigating committee that developed testimony that the men had accepted the money.

April 20, 1927 – San Antonio Express: Mrs. Amelia Luecke, 72, a pioneer settler of Giddings, died at her home Friday. Also, The Interstate Company has leased the E.A. Jaehne place to establish a poultry yard for the shipment of poultry and eggs to their Texas division. Highest cash prices will be paid to farmers.

April 15, 1937 – Rockdale Reporter: Twenty years ago, Lexington voted to adopt the commission form of city governance by a 19-vote majority in an election that saw 88 voters go to the polls. Arrangements for a county-wide rat banquet are almost complete as requests for bait have been pouring in to the office of Lee county agent, L.M. Gandy.

April 15, 1937 – Caldwell News and Burleson County Ledger: Lexington’s high school band will give its first concert on April 20 at the High School auditorium under the direction of Mr. Arnold Urbanosky.

April 15, 1937 – Abilene Reporter-News: G.L. Ephraim of Lexington was one of 200 delegates at the Texas Camp convention of the Woodmen of the World meeting in Abilene this week.

April 17, 1947 –Rockdale Reporter: Herman Henry Richter, 52, a native of Fedor, Lee County and WW 1 veteran, died in the Veteran’s hospital in Temple on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Stow of Lexington entered their baby son into the hospital on Sunday.

April 14, 1957 – Taylor Daily Press: Mrs. Francis Seifert, the fourth-grade teacher at Lexington, was elected secretary of the Lee County Chapter of the Texas State Teachers Association. The other officers are Fred Willard of Giddings, president; Mrs. Ella Spacek of Dime Box, VP, and Mr. Mabry Knox of Giddings, treasurer. A number of Lexington Lions club members and their wives attended the Zone meeting at Bastrop on Tuesday night. They were accompanied by Kay Woodward, Annette Perry and Elaine Watson who performed a vocal number on the program. The Lexington Methodist Church will hold pre-Easter service both in the morning and at night running Monday through Friday. Lexington businesses will be closed for the annual Shaw Lake picnic on April 22. The Nalley fish fry on the old Noble farm on String Prairie is set for April 28.

April 17, 1957 – San Antonio Light: Mrs Charlene Chisholm Balch of Lexington, Texas, will lead the singing at the sixth annual memorial service of the Wives and Daughters of Old Trail Drivers of Texas, at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio. Rev. O.G. Barron, chaplain of the Old Trail Drivers Assn. will give the memorial address.

April 17, 1957 – Taylor Daily Press: Attendance at the monthly meeting of the Lexington PTA was held to only 25 because of widespread illness in the community. The FFA and FHA presented the program. It was announced that a May Fete will be held on the football field on May 3.

April 18, 1957 – Cameron Herald: Dime Box won the overall title at the district meet held in Buckholts scoring 85 points. Lexington placed third with 60. Dime Box girls and boys won both championships in volleyball. Dime Box also won the senior boys softball crown while the senior girls team finished second.

April 19, 1957 - Lexington Enterprise: The large crowds in Lexington for the merchants “Appreciation Day” drawing is causing parking problems and the city is urged to “think big” in developing a solution. Eighty Lexington school students were absent Tuesday due to the flu. Three members of the cast of the senior play, due to be presented that night, were down sick, forcing postponement of the production. The Lexington FFA poultry and dairy judging teams both placed third in the Area competition and qualified for the State contest. Curtis White was third high individual in poultry judging. His teammates were Don Adair and Franklin Fricke. The dairy judging team members were W.A. Brown, Joe Ed Woods and Willis Brewer. The Enterprise saluted Franklin Herklotz, Herman Weiser, John Reat and Oswald Iselt for making their livestock available to the teams for practice purposes. Helen Patschke placed third in number sense at the regional U.I.L. meet Saturday.

Citizens of Tomorrow pictured this week are; Cindy Sue, 18 mos, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ray Smith; Beverly Kay, 4 mos., Daughter of Mr and Mrs V.T. Haggard; Kathy, 4, and Robert 2 1/2, children of Mr and Mrs L.R. Tolkmitt; Ray, 3, son of Mr and Mrs Raymond Lewis and Tommy, 2, son of Mr and Mrs Tom Underwood. The parents of Marilyn Patschke honored her with a dinner following her confirmation on Sunday. Lee county boys registering for the draft after turning eighteen were Albert Wusterhausen, Herman Dube Jr., Clinton Becvar, and Guntar Gerthe.

April 20, 1967 – Rockdale Reporter: Lexington postmaster Galen S. (Sikes) Brademan announced that the US Post Office Department is seeking bids for a new facility. Miss Dianne Harrison was chosen as drum major of the 1967-68 LHS band in competition for the position, Miss Barbara Ellis will be the head majorette. Misses Sheryl Kleinschmidt and Becky Owens have been selected to the Tri-State Honor Band at Enid, Oklahoma, where the entire band will participate in a band contest and parade. There was added excitement Saturday morning when George Gay’s dog and a skunk tangled. The public was warned to keep an eye on their pets as it was not known if the skunk was rabid.

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