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“Thank you”
Rev. Gary Roe

“I’m not a religious man, but I pray. My prayer is simple. Two words. ‘Thank you,’” Tom shared. “Tell me more about that,” I responded.

“’Thank you’ covers everything. I don’t cause my heart to beat. I haven’t given myself life all these years. There’s not much I can claim credit for, because all I’ve done is use what’s been given me,” Tom continued. “I just try to do the best I can, saying ‘Thank you’ as much as possible along the way.”

Tom had lived in five countries over his 93 years, and loved sharing about his adventures. Listening to him was fascinating. It was his humility, however, that was especially impressive. “I got to do some amazing things with some diverse people in some beautiful places. I’m blessed. I didn’t make it happen. I just showed up, and did what I could,” he said. Show up. Do what we can.

That’s simple, and powerful. The world gives us plenty to grouse about, but what if we chose to be thankful instead?

As we cultivate gratitude, something happens in our hearts. Our outlook changes, and our vision expands. We begin to make a real difference in the world, without even realizing it. Thankfulness produces humility, and something contagious begins to take place.

Say, “Thank you.” Pursue humility. Show up. Do what we can. Use what we have well. And watch the ripple effects over time.

Thank you, Tom.

Gary Roe is an author, chaplain, and grief counselor with Hospice Brazos Valley.

Visit him at www.garyroe.com or contact him at 979-821-2266 or groe@hospicebrazosvalley.org

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