2017-04-13 / Police

Lexington Police Report

April 3, 2017

Officer Nolen assisted a citizen with a vehicle unlock in the Cefco Parking Lot.

Officer Nolen spoke with a subject who was feeling depressed. Officer Nolen spoke with him to assure he did not want to harm himself or others.

April 4, 2017

Officer Walton responded to a loose dog at the High School. Principal Paul restrained the dog until Officer Walton arrived. The animal was taken to the Lexington Animal Shelter.

Officer Walton and ACO Landrum responded as assisting units to Sherrill Lane where the Lee County Deputies had a problem with a juvenile.

Officer Nolen responded to the 1000 block of Shaw in reference to juveniles riding bikes in the middle of the roadway in front of traffic.

April 5, 2017

Officer Walton responded to a call of reckless driving near the baseball fields on Seventh Street, where a vehicle was speeding through the ditches to go around vehicles in the street. He spoke with the driver about his driving habits.

Officer Mattingly responded to an assault involving possible family violence at 1002 Shaw Street. He, with the assistance of Lee County Deputies, was able to calm the scene. No charges were filed.

April 6, 2017

Officer Mattingly attempted to locate a loose cow on FM 112. He was unable to locate the cow.

Officer Mattingly took a call of a runaway in the 900 block of Third Street. He assisted in locating the runaway and helped to return him home.

Officer Walton was called to do a civil stand by at 1002 Shaw Street where a subject was collecting their belongings. He remained on scene until all the subject’s items were loaded and they had left the property.

Officer Walton issued a Blue Form in Tanglewood.

Officer Walton and ACO Landrum made contact with a subject believed to be burglarizing a residence in the 400 block of North Rockdale. The subject was a contractor that the neighbor thought was breaking in.

Officer Walton conducted a traffic stop which let to the arrest of a wanted subject from San Patricio and Bee County for Unauthorized Absence from a correctional Facility, and Obstruction/ Retaliation charges.

Officer Walton was given a wallet belonging to an Elgin resident. He made contact with the subject and returned his wallet. Officer Mattingly assisted.

Officer Mattingly assisted Giddings PD and Lee County Deputies on a call involving a man with a gun in Giddings.

Officer Mattingly conducted a traffic stop which yielded a small amount of Marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

April 7, 2017

Officer Walton made contact with a subject for reckless driving in the 500 block of Third Street. The subject was upset because he was getting evicted from his home. Subject was issued a warning.

Officer Nolen took a call of a reckless driver northbound on HWY 77 leaving the Cefco. He was unable to locate it.

April 8, 2017

Officer Nolen responded to a motion alarm at Christina’s Kitchen.

Officer Landrum assisted Deputy Nurse in an attempt to serve at 1109 Caldwell St.

Officer Landrum was called to a civil matter in the 100 block of Caldwell Street.

Officer Landrum was advised of an accident in the 700 block of North Rockdale.

Officer Landrum responded to a cow out on FM 696 E. He was unable to locate the subject animal.

Officer Nolen was called to investigate a suspicious subject at a residence on Ave E. All was ok.

April 10, 2017

Officer Nolen noticed an open door at the Lexington Middle School Gym during business checks. He resecured the subject doors and cleared scene.

There were 122 traffic stops last week, resulting in 31 citations and 91 warnings. Thirteen of the subject offenses were committed in a school zone.

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