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Warning! Don't be scammed!

And Giddings Police Issue Warning to Area Residents

Deputy Mastranardi of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department warns area residents about a scam working neighborhoods near FM 696 W in Lexington.

 “Paving scammers are working our area again, and I want our residents to be wary of people knocking on their door asking if they can pave their driveways. They usually say they have extra oil left over from another job and they say they will pave your driveways with the left over material for a lot less money than it would normally cost. What they actually do is put a thin layer of oil with scraps and millings in it about ½ inch thick on the customer’s drive. The truth is that the amount and quality of the material they put down will wash away after a couple of rains,” said Deputy Mastranardi.

 “Once they finish their job, and get paid, they get the customer to sign a legitimate sales receipt, telling the customer that signing it is merely a acknowledging the work completed. However, the signed document protects the scam artists, making the whole transaction legitimate under the law. Then there is no recourse for the scammed victim,” Mastranardi continued.

 Deputy Mastranardi said that the scammers working our area change the name of their company every few weeks. “A couple of weeks ago, I saw the paving company’s truck with a sign that said TCP Paving. This week, the same vehicle had a new sign on it saying M.Carroll Blacktop. Our experience at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is that 90% of the time, the people involved in the paving scams have a last name of Carroll,” said Mastranardi.

 “I want to encourage our residents to call the Sheriff’s Office if you have been approached by these people or if you see them in our area.  Report any suspicious activity and do not fall for their scam,” Deputy Mastranardi concluded.

The Giddings Police Department issued warnings to area residents this week also. They said:

 WARNING: Two unrelated Robberies on Monday, December 21!

1. Resident returned home on W. Houston St. and found two suspects in his house. They beat the 70 year-old man and stole his money. Description is two Hispanic males, about 5'07, 180 and 250 lbs. Both wore bandanas over their face. No vehicle seen. No weapon seen, but homeowner was injured.

2. Stop N Shop at 389 W. Austin St. - One suspect entered the store with a small handgun and forced the cashier to give him the money in the register. No injuries. No vehicle seen. Description: White or Hispanic male, 20-25., slim build, 120 lbs., left handed. Suspect wore a dark hoodie and ski mask.

 Both cases are currently under investigation. Please be aware of your surroundings and call if you see anything suspicious.

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