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Superintendent’s Corner

Frances M. McArthur, PhD., Superintendent of Schools, Lexington ISD

School safety continues to weigh heavily on all our minds and as I have shared in previous columns, it is a top priority in Lexington Schools. I appreciate our parents’ ongoing support in keeping our schools safe by not dropping their children off before school, since teachers and staff are not required to report to work until 7:30am. We care about our children and do not want them on campuses unsupervised before our staff arrives.

Additionally, all volunteers and parents must wear their volunteer badges in plain sight at all times while on school property. In a loving community as small as Lexington, we are fortunate to know most of you well. Even so, we must ask you to wear a visitor’s tag. Please do not get your feelings hurt if we ask you to report to the office. I have directed staff members to politely ask you to sign in if they cannot clearly see a visitor’s tag on you. I also want to solicit parents’ help in reinforcing the message we give to our students about the importance of not opening campus doors to let people in, even their friends and others they may know. This allows us to know who is on campus in case of an emergency situation.

Finally, I want to encourage parents to keep speaking to your children about the importance of school safety and reporting any suspicious activity.

Throughout the year, we conduct drills for varied situations. If you follow Lexington ISD on twitter you will receive a phone message a few minutes after we initiate a lockdown drill so that you know it is only a drill. For those of you who are not getting our updates, I encourage you to text *FOLLOW LEXINGTONISD* to *40404* to receive our updates. You do not have to have a twitter account for us to send you our updates.

The Lexington community has a long tradition of standing behind our schools, and I cherish the support we receive from our parents and the community as a whole. I feel blessed that we have responsive law enforcement and emergency medical personnel who are committed to protecting our children and I am always thankful to see them in and around our campuses at athletic events and other activities. As a district we continue to work with them to put strategic preventative measures in place. Vigilance on all of our parts is a critical part of our emergency operations plan. Thank you for your continued help and support in keeping our children safe.

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