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Life Lessons from Hospice Patients

Maybe You Don’t Want to Hear What God Has to Say

Teaching Bible studies in assisted living and nursing facilities is always a delight. Those folks come up with some terrific stuff, and what I’m about to relate is no exception.

Jennifer was in a horrific car accident in her twenties. Traumatic spinal injuries landed her in a scooter in a nursing home. Now in her mid-forties, she’d long ago resigned herself to the fact that this was her life.

Jennifer was understandably up and down emotionally. “As long as I keep my eyes on Jesus, I’m good. But when I start thinking about the life I lost or the life I wish I could have, I almost go crazy,” she said.

One day at Bible study we were discussing why we don’t pray more. “Sometimes I don’t pray because I think I can handle it on my own,” I said.

“Or maybe you just don’t want to hear what God has to tell you,” Jennifer responded with a grin.


I think she’s right. Jennifer was, of course, speaking from her own experience, but how many times have I refused what God had for me because it was not what I wanted for myself? What God has for me always winds up being good, no matter how it might look at the time.

I’m reminded of little Samuel in the Old Testament. God calls him by name and Samuel responds, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

Will we open our hearts and listen? Do we want to hear what he is saying?

Gary Roe is a Chaplain with Hospice Brazos Valley. Visit him on his website at www.garyroe.com

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