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Superintendent’s Corner

Frances M. McArthur, PhD.,
Superintendent of Schools, Lexington ISD

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December reminded all of us in Lexington schools that our students are a gift from God and that life is very fragile. Student safety is our top priority and though we regularly practice drills for numerous situations so everyone is prepared for a real emergency, we have reviewed our safety procedures with more vigor and stepped up our preparation for an unthinkable emergency since that time.

Campus and district officials work closely with the City of Lexington police and fire departments and all staff participated in Homeland Security Incident Command System for Schools training this summer. We have added fencing at our elementary campus to ensure that the entire perimeter of Lexington Elementary School is secure with 6 foot fencing. Parents and community members may have noticed that they are continually stopped when visiting to be sure they have checked in at the front office because we recognize that the most important thing we can do to prevent a tragedy is for all of us to be vigilant. While we have spent money on security cameras and better locks, alert adults who are mindful of the great responsibility parents have entrusted us with is one of the most critical parts of our emergency operation plan. Another part of our crisis management plan is a comprehensive communication plan to keep parents informed during emergency situations. Our automated phone calls and text messages will keep parents informed with steps that LISD is taking in the event of a crisis. Our face book and twitter pages are also a part of the communication plan. I urge all parents who have not signed up for our district twitter, to go to our website and follow the simple steps to do so. Most importantly, I encourage parents to talk to your children.

Nothing is more comforting and empowering to your children as regular conversations with you. Lexington ISD is committed to partnering with our parents and our entire Lexington community to provide a safe environment for the precious children of Lexington.

Thank you for your continued support of Lexington schools.

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