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Lexington Pedestrian Struck By Vehicle

A 23 year old Lexington man, identified as Joseph Scott Janda, was crossing Highway 77 in Giddings last Friday afternoon when he was struck by a vehicle driven by Pamela Dunk, 43 of Giddings.

According to the Giddings Police Department, Janda was on the west side of Highway 77, behind the City Meat Market, which is just north of Hwy. 290, attempting to cross the highway at 4:05 p.m. Another vehicle was in the lane of traffic, headed southbound, but had not started to move, when Janda walked in front of that car.

At that moment, Dunk was traveling northbound on Hwy. 77, and struck Janda as he stepped out in front of her moving vehicle. The police report indicated that neither the pedestrian nor the driver saw each other.

According to Janda’s mother, Tammy Janda of Lexington, Joseph had just gotten off work at Circle W and was on his way to Brookshire Bros. where his girlfriend worked so that he could retrieve his vehicle, which she had driven to work that day.

As he crossed 77, he was between two school busses, waiting in the turning lane at the light at the 290 intersection. He began to cross the other two lanes of the highway when Dunk turned north off of 290 onto 77 and hit Joseph. His mother confirmed that neither saw each other.

Tammy said that witnesses at the scene told her that when Joseph realized he was about to be hit, he jumped. “That was a good thing,” she said, “Because otherwise he would have been under the car.”

His mother said that Joseph thought he flew over the car after he was hit.

The Giddings Police Department, along with the Giddings Volunteer Fire Department and Life Flight were dispatched to the scene. Janda had suffered several injuries and was life flighted to Brackenridge Hospital in Austin, where he was stabilized, after undergoing surgery to repair several gashes, cuts and abrasions.

Tammy said one cut he received was a big one on his neck that was within a half inch of his juggler vein. “He’s a mess and in a lot of pain, but he’s alive,” his mother said. “Another interesting thing about the accident is that Joseph works with Pamela Dunk, the lady who hit him.”

According to his mother, he also suffered two cracked ribs and a collapsed lung. He was released from the hospital on Sunday.

“It’s miraculous,” Tammy said. “When you get word that one of your children has just been hit by a car and he lives to tell his story, you really do feel like you’ve just witnessed a miracle.”

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