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Just a Thought.......

Rev. DaveFischer

Confessions of a frustrated pastor. According to the internet, I am broke and I don’t believe in Jesus, and, it’s all my fault.

I had an opportunity (actually more than one) to avoid these calamities, but I chose not to. Pity me, but before you do, hear me out.

I fell into this unfortunate state because I did not forward e-mails which I had received. You know the ones I am writing about. They begin: “You will be rich within 24 hours, IF.....”

There follows a long list of names of those who did as instructed and were instantly wealthy. Also included are the many misfortunes of those who dared to ignore the instructions.

The other e-mails are even more ominous. “Are you on the side of Satan or do you stand with Jesus? Failure to forward this e-mail will clearly show your choice. It’s your decision; if you want to burn in hell, so be it.”

I don’t want to burn in hell, but I don’t like being intimidated, either.

No one I know would ever make such a declaration over dinner, but somehow, in the anonymity of the internet, folks feel free to do just that.

So, please pray for my soul, and, if you are really a friend, send money.

Rev. David N. Fischer is the Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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