2013-09-12 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

September 2, 2013

A complainant reported that two men driving a black car were following him, attempting to start a fight. Deputy Jirasek and Deputy Ayres located the vehicle and both subjects were arrested and booked into Lee County Jail.

Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Burns were advised that a black Ford F150 truck had been reported to be driving all over the roadway. The truck exited Hwy 21 and was southbound on Hwy 77. The truck was located near the Giddings High School on Hwy 77. The driver was identified and released.

A resident on CR 114 called and reported cows out on the roadway. Deputy Burns and Deputy Rudolph responded and located the owner.

Deputy Rudolph assisted with a civil stand by on PR 1351 in Lincoln. A lady wanted to get all her property out of a residence.

Sgt. Carvin assisted a man in lifting his wife and getting her back into her wheelchair after she had fallen.

Several callers reported a vehicle ran off the roadway and hit a tree. Sgt. Carvin responded and assisted with traffic control on FM 696.

Deputy Burns spoke to a man regarding a child custody case. He later spoke to the other party involved and advised them to contact an attorney.

September 3, 2013

Deputy Grover was dispatched to Hwy 21 near FM 141 in Dime Box regarding cows out on the roadway. The owner was notified to check the fence.

A motorist reported that there was a lot of blood on Hwy 290 near CR 201. Deputy Grover checked and advised someone had hit a deer.

A caller reported seeing a lot of smoke coming from behind Walmart. Deputy Burns located the source and advised the people to put out the fire since there was a burn ban.

Chief Deputy Lapham reported approx 20 head of cattle out on the roadway. He spoke to a supervisor at Three Oaks Mine and they were attempting to find out who owns the property to repair the fence.

A motorist reported that a grey Ford SUV had a blow out and hit a mailbox before continuing on. Sgt Carvin located the vehicle and a report was taken.

Deputy Liles was dispatched to FM 141 near CR 123 to speak to a complainant regarding cattle on his property. An agreement was reached between the landowner and the cattle owner.

Deputy Grover responded to a family disturbance on CR 121 in Dime Box. A caller advised that she had gotten into an argument with her sister and got kicked out of the house. The situation was settled down for the night.

September 4, 2013

The Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding cows out on FM 180 approx 3-4 miles from Hwy 290. Deputy Ledenbach located the cattle and contacted the owner.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach assisted with a funeral escort on Hwy 21 at FM 2440.

A caller requested to speak to a deputy regarding some suspicious activity. Deputy Jirasek met with the complainant and was given information.

A motorist reported cows out on CR 204. Deputy Jirasek responded and ran the cattle off the roadway.

Deputy Ayres met with a complainant on PR 4242 in Dime Box in reference to her son that was bitten by a stray dog. A report was made.

September 5, 2013

Deputy Jirasek and Deputy Ayres were dispatched to a residence in Lexington after a caller reported that someone was in her house. Deputies searched the house and the property, but did not locate anyone. They patrolled the area throughout the night.

A caller reported that his roommate left to visit her boyfriend and had not returned. She called and told him that they had been in an argument. The caller requested a welfare check to make sure she was ok. Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach made contact with her and she was fine.

Sgt Allen was dispatched to Harry St. in Lexington near Hwy 77 after a caller reported that several goats were out on the road.

Sgt Allen and Deputy Ayres were dispatched to a burglar alarm on Hwy 77. Deputy Ayres did a walk-through with an employee and everything was ok.

September 6, 2013

Giddings Police Dept. requested a deputy to assist them on a suicidal person call. Deputy Ayres met GPD at a residence on Dallas St. A complainant reported that someone had been shooting a gun near CR 138. Deputy Jirasek patrolled the area for a while and did not hear any gun shots.

Deputy Burns and Deputy Rudolph responded to an alarm call in Dime Box. Before their arrival, the alarm company called back and advised it was a false alarm.

A caller reported that she received a call from someone trying to scam her. Deputy Burns was given the details and a report was taken.

Several motorists reported that an 18-wheeler had a tire blow out and there were large pieces of tire on Hwy 77 North. Deputy Burns removed several tire pieces off the roadway.

Sgt Carvin spoke to a complainant who reported that his ex-wife had some property that belonged to him and was supposed to return it but had not. An information report was made.

Deputy Liles spoke to a complainant on FM 696. She advised that someone had been taking things out of her yard and requested extra patrol.

September 7, 2013

A motorist reported that a red Dodge truck 4X4 was swerving on Hwy 290 West heading eastbound. Deputy Rudolph attempted to locate the vehicle.

Sgt Carvin and Deputy Rudolph were dispatched to CR 405 in Lexington after a caller reported that someone had stolen some items off his property. A report was taken and the investigation continues.

A caller reported that a vehicle had a tire blow out and was partially in the outside lane. Deputy Rudolph located the vehicle, and it was moved to the side of the road. The driver had help on the way.

Sgt Carvin assisted a subject on Brenham St. after she locked her keys inside her vehicle.

The Sheriff’s Office received a burglar alarm call on CR 430. Deputy Ayres checked out the residence and advised everything appeared to be secure.

September 8, 2013

Deputy Ayres responded to a rollover accident on CR B @ CR 309. Subject was given a courtesy ride to his residence on CR B. Crash report was taken by DPS.

A complainant called and spoke to Deputy Liles and Deputy Ayres regarding her being assaulted on PR 5000. Deputies took a report and charges are pending at this time.

A motorist reported that a black Mustang was traveling on CR 203 with no headlights on. Deputy Ayres searched the area.

Deputy Liles was dispatched to FM 141 just off Hwy 21 to get cows off the roadway. He was able to run them off the roadway into a pasture.

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31 Males: 29 Females: 2


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