2013-09-12 / Community News

One Nation Under Fire

By The Patriot

This week’s winner of the “Shut Up and Do Something” award is Bill Jennings. He deserves it because he is truly amazing.

Bill is a baseball coach in Colorado. Like all coaches, he wants to win. But, unlike many coaches, he also wants to see that those kids who can’t make the team are winners, too.

So, Bill put in a request recently for all the names of the kids who did not make the team. Then, he staged a second tryout for a new team, and he made certain that each one was chosen.

But he did not stop there; he went one step further. Bill contacted other coaches that he knew and asked them to join in leading his team, along with their talented sons and his own highly capable offspring. Everyone said yes, even though it meant that those good kids would have to step down a level to help those with less talent.

At the first practice, he assured everyone that they were going to learn to play baseball in the best way, and afterwards, he declared that they were also going to win the championship.

Bill, in my books, you already have. And, for daring to do differently, you receive this week’s award.

Have a great season!

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