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Life Lessons from Hospice Patients

I Want My Daddy Back!

“I want my daddy back!” Shelley screamed.

The bedroom was packed with grieving family. Doug had just passed, surrounded by his children. Shelley, his youngest daughter, buried her head in his chest and was weeping convulsively.

Shelley and her dad had a checkered past. He came and went throughout her childhood, and she always seemed to want more of daddy than she got. “I thought something was wrong with me. Why didn’t he want to be with me?” she shared.

Now the hope of something more was gone, and the tsunami of grief and bitter disappointment hit her. This was going to be tough. Very tough.

Shattered dreams are painful, especially when they’re related to the loss of a loved one. Once the person passes, the finality sinks in and we realize there will be no more conversations, dinners, or games. No more hugs, kisses, or hands to hold. It can rip a soul wide open.

Shelley’s grief challenged me to be a better man and father. I want my daughters to have very few regrets and disappointments about me and our relationship. I desperately want them to know I’m here, I’m available, and that I love them dearly.

I’m going to need God living through me to do that. He is the ultimate Father. He’s always there, always available. He’s as involved as we will let him be, and he longs for us to relax in his presence and enjoy his amazing love.

We all need a perfect daddy. The good news is there really is one.

Gary Roe is a Chaplain eith Hospice Brazos Valley. Visit him on his website at www.garyroe.com

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