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Just a Thought.......

Overheard conversation.
Rev. DaveFischer

First lady: “We have been missing you in church. Have you been sick?”

Second lady” “No, I just don’t want to go anymore.”

First lady: “Why? Is there a problem?”

Second lady: “No. Everyone is very nice and all, but I decided I just don’t need church anymore.”

First lady: “You don’t need church?”

Second lady: “I can be Christian without the church. In fact, sometimes I think I can be an even better Christian without all those disagreements and personality clashes.”

First lady: “So, it’s all about you?”

Second lady: “What do you mean?”

First lady: “Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the church needs you?”

Second lady: “Needs me?”

First lady: “Yes. You seem to have a grasp of the Christian life, judging by your actions. And,
you seem to know what they need to do to be better Christians, so why aren’t you there helping
them be that?”

Second lady: “It’s not my job.”

First lady: “It’s not your job to help others be better. Just where do you find that in the Bible?”

Second lady: “Listen, I don’t want to argue.”

First lady: “I don’t want to argue, either, but I could use some help and they could, too.” Okay, so maybe the conversation was not quite that way. But it’s something to think about.

Rev. David N. Fischer is the Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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