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Rev. DaveFischer

Every time a Christian makes a statement disagreeing with the conclusions of science, he or she is almost automatically dismissed as being old-fashioned, ignorant, or just out of it.

However, I am willing to risk it in order to ask you a question. Which of the following statements makes you feel better about yourself ?

1. You are a complex computer, made of meat, driven by pre-set chemical interactions, passed on to you by your parents who got them from theirs.

Whatever you are, you cannot help yourself.

2. You are a child of God, created by God for the purpose of revealing God’s glory and sharing in God’s desire for justice and mercy for all.

While you are here you are called to demonstrate in your life the ways of God.

It is not a trick question. Millions of people have already answered it by the way they live their lives.

Some, believing that they are some kind of unfortunate accident, live randomly, doing this or that, without focus, and dealing, often painfully, with the results. Sadly, they treat people the same way.

Others, who have heard the Good News, live their lives in a manner that blesses, empowers and enables others. They treat people with respect because they believe that, like themselves, all persons are masterpieces, not messes.

I know, you want to point out that the truth is that some people are a mess. And I will counter: most of the time that is by choice, not chance.

But, I digress. The thought I want you to ponder is the difference it makes-who you think you are.

Child of God?


Created with purpose?

Random result?

You can mail your answers to me in care of the Lexington Leader, or, you can just show me by your actions the next time we meet.

Rev. David N. Fischer is the Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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