2013-08-29 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Football season is finally here. Friday is for those of us that are “READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL”. The JV gets to start it off on Thursday night for those football diehards and parents.

How will the Aggies and Longhorns do on Saturday? I think they both will walk away with a victory. A&M should have the easier time. I think the Horns game will be closer than anyone in Austin wants.

The Lady Eagles are playing better each time I see them play. Hopefully they will be able to make the playoffs this season as they continue to improve.

The Texans and Cowboys are both full of promise before the season starts. Wouldn’t it be great for Houston and Dallas to play in the Super Bowl?

I had a chance to visit with Robert Schubert, who lives in Milan, Italy. He was meeting with a group of German managers in Italy when his home town was mentioned. He told one of the Germans he went to school in Lexington, Texas. The German replied he did also. The German’s name was Rick Strubel, a foreign exchange student that graduated from LHS many years ago.

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