2013-08-29 / General Stories

One Nation Under Fire

By The Patriot

All of us know that an “Amber Alert” is a nationwide system of awareness that helps call attention to missing or kidnapped children.

We may even have learned that this emergency network was named after Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped and killed in 1996.

What we may not know are these facts.

(1) The tragedy led her parents to establish P.A.S.O. (People Against Sex Offenders); (2) it also inspired Bruce Seybert to start the Amber Alert program.

In July of 1996, Bruce addressed a Media Symposium at which he laid out the guidelines for connection and communication which would eventually begin the Amber Alert system.

All of these people were Texans. Each of them decided that waiting for someone else to do something was wasted time. Together, they acted forcefully to prevent other people’s children from suffering as Amber did.

It is a reality that your child is safer today because of them. As positive as this is, however, it should not always take a crisis before we “Shut Up and Do Something”.

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