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Wright Finds Good Samaritan After 60 Years

Avery Wright Avery Wright Avery Wright, lifelong Lexington resident and owner of Wright Insurance – Hochheim Prairie, has been on a quest for 60 years. When he was a young boy of no more than 5 years, he and his father missed a bus in Palestine, Texas, putting them on Highway 79 late in the afternoon and no way to get home to Blue, just outside of Lexington.

“My Dad always had a sense of humor and I remember him telling me to rub his thumb to make it reflective so someone would see us and give us a ride.”

In a few minutes, the “reflective thumb” paid off and a young man on his way to Austin stopped to pick them up.

“The next thing I remember was a conversation about how far out of his way it would be if he delivered us to our home about 8 miles west of Lexington in Blue Branch,” Wright said. “As I recall, we got out of the car on the street in Rockdale, Texas at dusk. The young man pulled away from us, but stopped before he had traveled a block. He backed up, told us to get back in, and drove to Blue Branch, delivering us to my grandmother’s house.”

Bill Moyers Bill Moyers Wright said, “For some reason, God has never let me forget that man’s kindness. This young man was a student at the University of Texas. I believe he was planning on becoming a journalist or an attorney, and I have never stopped looking for him. Then a few weeks back, I saw a man being interviewed on the Charlie Rose show on PBS. The man being interviewed was Bill Moyers, and during that interview he talked about traveling between Marshall, Texas and Austin when he was a student at UT. That made me think he could be the guy who picked us up. I wrote him a letter and he responded with a hand-written note in which he said he remembered picking up hitchhikers, and the name Blue Branch stuck in his memory.”

Bill Moyers is a journalist who served as the White House Press Secretary for LBJ from 1965-67. He started his journalism career at sixteen as a cub reporter at the Marshall News Messenger in Marshall, Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas in 1956 with a Bachelor of Journalism degree.

Moyers ended his letter to Wright by saying, “You are most kind to remember and to write.”

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