2013-08-29 / Community News

Giddings Library

by Judy Belyeu

The Malice of Fortune(Large Print) by Michael Ennis takes us into an adventure between Pope Alexander and a Vatican courtesan named Damiatra. Damiatra was dispatched by the Pope to go to the city of Imola to learn the truth behind the murder of his most beloved illegitimate son. She cannot fail because the scheming Borgis pope holds her own son hostage.

In Midnight Promises (Large Print) by Sherryl Woods, we encounter a personal trainer named Elliot Cruz. He begins to court a struggling mom named Karen Ames. He attempts to restore Karen’s physical and emotional strength and to charm her children. Now, a few years into the marriage, colliding dreams threaten to tear them apart.

In By Starlight(Large Print) by Dorothy Garlock, Maddy Aldridge agrees to run an illegal speakeasy in order to save her family’s mercantile store. Keeping her dangerous new business partner at arm’s length is no easy task, but her bravery faces its biggest test when Jack Reicher unexpectedly comes home.

Spilled Blood by Brian Freeman is a taut thriller about two rural Minnesota towns locked in a deadly feud and a teenage girl caught in the crossfire.

Severe Clear (in CD also) by Stuart Woods introduces Stone Barrington as he is called to Bel- Air to oversee an exclusive event that will gather the top echelons of the beau monde: Hollywood starlets, socialites, politicos and billionaires from overseas. Things become complicated with the arrival of two beautiful women with whom he’s intimately acquainted.

Several other good selections are: Almost Amish (Large Print) by Kathryn Cushman; Burning Midnight (Large Print) by Loren D. Estleman; The Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose (Large Print) by Susan Wittig Albert and The Unspoken (Large Print and CD) by Heather Graham.

There are only two more weeks left before our Word Wrangler Festival. Let the countdown begin: September 13, 2013.

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