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Just a Thought.......

Rev. DaveFischer

I have never understood people who refuse to leave a tip.

I know, there are exceptions, like for really, really bad service, or for when your meal does not come to the table on the same day that you ordered it.

But for all the other times, not to leave a dime is insulting.

It may mean that you, personally, have never worked in the service industry and been dependent on the kindness of others. It may mean that you think “they already make enough”.

It may even mean that you think someone else will tip generously and make up for your stinginess. As the kids say, “Whatever”.

The truth is that the world runs on the efforts of those who are willing to serve.

The greater truth is that Labor Day weekend is coming up and all of you who have the day off will expect those who don’t (servers) to help you have a great weekend. If they were not there, you would have to radically curtail your fun. So, why, why, why would you ignore them or stiff them, or just be “cheap”?

It’s just a question.

Rev. David N. Fischer is the Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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