2013-08-22 / School

Superintendent’s Corner

Frances M. McArthur, PhD., Superintendent of Schools, Lexington ISD

Lexington ISD Staff has been working hard to prepare for a new school year. This week our staff has been looking at our beliefs, our mission, and the Visioning Principles. The Visioning Document is a framework that outlines what 21st Century schools need to be. In part, schools should be safe havens where student curiosity is cultivated and the curriculum taught is relevant and meaningful to them. Looking at our vision for public education and assessing where we are, helps us to expand our existing efforts to engage all students and their families so that Lexington will continue to be the school district of choice in our area. By the time our kindergarten students walk across Eagle Stadium to receive their high school diploma in May of 2026, a full quarter of the 21st century will be behind us. We cannot wait to move forward in developing 21st century skills in our students, if we are to educate our students for their future and not our past. A key element of 21st century learning is innovative instruction. While I feel sure that Lexington schools will continue to celebrate positive test scores, I am convinced that those high scores will be a product of innovative teaching, the kind of teaching that engages our students in ‘profound learning’, that is in students being able to apply their learning to new situations, to synthesize, to solve problems and to utilize the full range of their abilities, and not to a state mandated assessment. Our dedicated and caring teachers are designing learning experiences to provide just that type of learning, and we are all ready and eager for next Monday when our students return.

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