2013-08-22 / General Stories

One Nation Under Fire

By The Patriot

Today, I am going to ask you to take the first step in making your community better. Drive.

Drive around your town with your eyes wide open and your heart determined.

Look. Look and see, maybe for the first time, what needs improvement.

Are there old signs that need removal because they advertise businesses long since gone?

Are there ugly trash piles which shout of neglect?

Are there other improvement projects just waiting to be done?

Next. Stop. Stop saying “Someone should do something about that.” Instead, make yourself a promise. “I. I will be the someone. I will be the someone who makes a difference. And, I will start now.”

You know that is the way anything, and everything gets done. So, do it.

Then, write me. I will put your name at the top of the list of those who “Shut Up and Did Something!”

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