2013-08-15 / Sports

And So It Begins!

by Mark Strain

And so it begins. The Lexington High School fall sports programs for football and volleyball kicked off on Monday morning, August 5th. The volleyball girls had to report at 7 a.m., and for the girls that are not old enough to drive yet, that means parents were reporting in at 7a.m., as well.

Monday morning started off with a nice mile jog. The goal was under 8 minutes. The rest of the morning was conditioning. In the second part of two-a-days, a volleyball finally showed up and the girls started hitting.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday with another fine mile jog under 8 minutes. Wednesday is when things became fun (for the parent watchers). Wednesday morning started at 7 a.m. sharp on the track with the “Circuit of Champions”. The Lady Eagles Volleyball teams started off with a 400M run, followed by 10 pushups, and a 200M run. The 10 pushups and 200M run were continuously repeated until they had completed one mile. After a mile they got to back pedal 50 yards across the football field six times. Up next were five 100M runs, all capped off with a 300M finish. The best part was they were not allowed rest. All stages of the circuit were nonstop. The rest of Wednesday and Thursday workouts started focusing on volleyball drills.

By Thursday, the 30 girls had been split up into 3 teams of 10, and the 2013 Lexington Lady Eagles Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams were born.

Friday afternoon the teams headed to Franklin for a round robin scrimmage with Franklin, Teague, Cameron, North Zulch and Milano High Schools.

Saturday, it was off to Navasota whereIolamadeita3way scrimmage.

The teams looked good in their scrimmages and should continue to improve as they get to know each other and their coaches’ schemes.

On Tuesday, August 13th, The Lady Eagles traveled to Brentwood Christian Academy for their first game of the year, the results of which had not happened as of press time.

The football workouts were as great as all former football-playing Dads could have hoped for. For the first 4 days they consisted of running and drills, followed by more drills and more drills. It was rumored that in the 100F+ heat of the first day, 12 players stepped up and failed to hold their lunch down. By the second day, that number improved, and by the third day, they started to look like veterans.

Friday brought out full pads and contact. The biggest challenge of the new fall practice seems to be keeping the weight on the boys. Somewhere between sweating it off and not feeling like eating after practice, the pounds started slipping away.

Next week the practices will move to a format that looks more like regular practices, as the players get ready for their first scrimmage in Caldwell on Friday August 16th.

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