2013-08-15 / General Stories

One Nation Under Fire

By The Patriot

He was a minister, but he was taking some time off to travel with his son. They were enjoying a long-delayed trip together. One of their fun stops was a popular restaurant in Oklahoma City.

But, when they got out of the car, they were immediately confronted with a street beggar. He pleaded with them for a little something so that he might eat or drink that evening.

The pastor brushed him off, consoling himself with the belief that all such folks were really fakes, and encouraging his son to follow him into the cafe.

Once inside, he gave their name and party size to the girl at the register and drifted off to the men’s room. When he finished his duties he returned to the hostess and discovered that their table was ready, but his son was nowhere in sight.

He searched the men’s room; he checked the foyer; he even stepped further inside to see if the boy had taken a seat. No son. Finally, he decided that perhaps his offspring had returned to the car for some reason.

When he stepped onto the sidewalk, he saw his boy. He was crossing the street carrying a cup of water to the beggar. That’s when he heard the voice, “Even if you do it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.”

It is a religious version of the motto, “Shut Up and Do Something”, but it works just the same.

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