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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

July 22, 2013

A report of suspicious activity was called in on CR 118. Deputy Burns responded and all was ok. The activity was part of some railroad work.

Captain Crockett responded to a welfare concern on FM 3403. The Family Crisis Center was notified and a report was taken.

July 23, 2013

Deputy Liles located a reckless driver on Hwy. 290 reported by a passing motorist. The driver was fatigued and was advised to pull over and get some rest.

Deputy Burns and Deputy Rudolph responded to a burglar alarm on CR 226. Everything was ok. There was some construction being done to the home.

A donkey was reported in the road on FM 3403; Deputy Liles responded and took a report. The donkey was taken to the auction barn for an estray.

Caller advised that somebody cut the lock off her gate on PR 7709. Deputy Grover took a report.

A motorist reported some cattle on the road on CR 316 near FM 112. Deputy Grover ran the cattle off the road.

July 24, 2013

Deputy Ledenbach responded to some cattle out on CR 203, near Hwy 290. The owner of the cattle was already running the cattle back, upon arrival of the deputy.

Several motorists reported a calf on Hwy 77 near Hwy 21. The calf ran off the road prior to Deputy Rudolph’s arrival.

Deputy Ray assisted a citizen with some concerns about some control burns near her residence.

Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Burns completed a welfare check on CR 104. They were unable to locate anybody at the residence, and the caller was notified.

Deputy Burns was unable to locate some cattle reported to be on CR 200.

July 25, 2013

Deputy Ray ran a bull off the road on CR 310.

A report was taken for a burglary of a building on CR 226 by Deputy Ray.

Some cows were reported on CR 217. Deputy Jirasek was unable to locate the cows.

A large black cow was reported on CR 119 near Nails Creek Bridge. Deputy Jirasek ran it off road.

Deputy Ayres assisted Burleson County with removing a cow from the road on CR 424 at the Lee County/ Burleson County line.

July 26, 2013

A suspicious vehicle was reported on CR 116 near FM 141. Deputy Burns checked the vehicle and all was ok. It was a survey crew doing some work.

Sergeant Carvin checked on some horses on CR 113 that were reported to not have any food or water. At the time of the check, the Deputy found food and water in the pen with the horses.

A suspicious vehicle was reported parked on a driveway on PR 1173. Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Burns responded to the vehicle. The vehicle and the driver were found to be ok. They had run out of gas and were waiting on family members to bring them gas.

Deputy Burns and Deputy Rudolph took a report for an unattended death on PR 2136.

A motorist reported a reckless driver on Hwy 290 east. Deputy Liles searched for the vehicle, but was unable to locate it.

A lady called 911 and stated that she needed to get away from the person with her; the 911 map showed the location of Sonny’s RV in Lexington. Deputy Grover, Deputy Liles and Lexington Police Officer Sandoval searched the area to locate the woman, but were unable to locate her. The deputies went back later and were able to locate the her and talk with her.

July 27, 2013

Caller stated that somebody was shooting on FM 1624 and he could hear the pellets hit the trees. Deputy Grover checked the area, but did not locate anybody shooting.

Sergeant Carvin and Deputy Rudolph completed a welfare check on a subject after a motorist reported a male walking down the middle of the road on FM 141. All was ok.

Deputy Burns responded to an alarm call on PR 4485; all was ok.

A trespasser was reported on Hwy 77 south. Deputy Burns and Sergeant Carvin responded; a criminal trespass warning was issued.

Deputy Burns and Sergeant Carvin responded to CR 130 after a caller reported hearing explosions in the area. The deputies searched the area and found some neighbors shooting tannerite.

Several motorists reported a cow on Hwy 21 near FM 141. Deputy Rudolph responded; however, prior to the deputies’ arrival, the cow had already moved off the roadway.

Deputy Liles removed some cattle from the roadway on CR 119 near FM 180.

Deputy Grover and Deputy Liles responded to a domestic disturbance on FM 180; a report was taken and a male subject was taken into custody.

A report of credit card abuse was taken by Capitan Crockett after a caller was notified of several charges from a different state on the card.

July 28, 2013

A caller reported that somebody was spotlighting on his property on FM 3403. He wanted a deputy to check on it. Deputy Liles responded to the area, but did not see anybody in the area, and all gates were locked.

Deputy Grover assisted the Giddings Police Department with a fight at Shooty’s Bar.

Caller on Sherrill Lane requested a deputy due to some concerns he had with somebody shooting. He advised that they may have shot his dog, since the dog was not coming when called. Deputy Rudolph responded to the call and all was ok. The dog finally came back home and was ok.

Sergeant Carvin responded to a disturbance on Hwy 77 where the parties involved agreed to separate for the night.

Deputy Liles completed a welfare check on CR 309 after a neighbor called and advised that she hadn’t seen her neighbor in weeks.

Several cows were reported on CR 130 near Fm 180. Deputy Burns and Deputy Grover removed the animals from the roadway.

Jail Report

JAIL COUNT: 07/28/2013: 35 MALES: 33 FEMALES: 2


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