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One Nation Under Fire

Most people would call her a “little old lady”. And, since she now resides in a nursing home, they might not give her much thought at all. More...

Pet Pictures Submitted Last Friday

This is Jedediah, owned by Zach Rother. More...

Home Country

We heard about the lemonade stand later, of course, as it was several blocks from where the rest of us lived, but it was only a couple of houses from Herb Collins. He had to go there. He couldn’t resist. More...

From the Chef’s Corner

Tomato Basil Dip

“Girls Day Out”. Women can find any excuse to get together. It may be for a birthday, baby shower, or home party linked to a selection of popular house wares. This is a dip that my wife had at one of these home parties. More...


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Winners in the Leader’s Favorite Pet Picture Contest

Other Honorable Mentions: More...

Life’s Outtakes

When Things Don’t Work Out As Planned

My wife and I are in charge of the community musical for the summer celebration. When we were asked to take on the assignment, I questioned whether it was us the celebration committee really wanted to ask. More...

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