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Czech Heritage Society Publishes New Book

The Last Flight of American Bomber #118 on August 29, 1944

The Czech Heritage Society of Texas, Inc., has released the translation of the book, ‘Posledni Let’, (The Last Flight of American Bomber #118 on August 29, 1944).

This is a factual account of a bombing raid of WWII, which chronicles the last half-hour of the American bomber #118’s flight over Celadna and communities of Nova Ves, Malenovce, Baska,

Hodonovice, Palkovice, Metylovice, and Lhotka, located in the present day Czech Republic. The whole aerial grouping initially had 893 planes involved which were composed of 599 heavy bombers and 294 fighter planes. It was one of the largest aerial conflicts of WWII in Central Europe.

The author, Stanislav Tofel, personally interviewed villagers who witnessed the 10 airmen parachuting from the plane moments before it crashed into a forest.

Among the various pictures in the book are pictures of plaques and monuments placed by the villagers where the airmen landed. Also included is a group picture of the crew of B-17 #118 along with their biographies. The bombardier was 2nd Lt. Albert Novak, a Czech from Missouri.

This book has been translated from the Czech language into English and is approximately 100 pages with Czech text on one side and the English translation on the other side.

The book, ‘Posledni Let’, may be purchased from The Czech Heritage Society of Texas for the introductory price of $ 13.50 plus tax $ 1.11 and shipping per book $ 3.00. Total $17.61.

This price is for the first 100 books sold.

Visit the Czech Heritage Society of Texas web site at www.czechheritage.org for purchasing this book and other publications the society has for sale.

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