2013-07-25 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…

by Mike Organ

Summer school break is gone!! Cross Country runners have already started their fall practice. Where oh where did the summer break go?

This time next week we will be in Fort Worth for the Texas High School Coaches Association’s Coaching School. It is a final get together of coaches before the busy coaching year gets underway on August 5th.

I go as media to learn about the rule changes and see the latest in computer scoring programs.

Jason Washington is already headed to Fort Worth to work out with his South teammates for the All-Star game. Only time will tell if there are some future ‘names’ in the game, like Eric Dickerson, Jerry Sisemore, etc.

Somewhat overlooked is volleyball, which starts with workouts the same time as football. The young ladies will be working out in the heat just like the guys. I hope they are in condition for the projected heat.

The volleyball team lost some valuable players, along with Coach Player, but they have some potential coming off the JV and Freshmen teams that improved as the season progressed last season.

Rumor has it another ex-Eagle will be returning to coach. It is exciting when the coaching staff influenced the athletes into being mentors to young players.

Not sports but funny (I read this on the internet)….. Sleeping is my drug; my bed is my dealer; and my ALARM CLOCK is the POLICE.

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