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Lexington Police Report

by Chief Clarence Yarbrough

July 15, 2013

Cpl. Nurse was dispatched to 3rd and Yegua St in reference to a reckless driver driving a maroon truck. Cpl. Nurse checked the surrounding area, but was unable to locate the vehicle.

Chief Yarbrough was dispatched to FM 696 and Sherrill Ln. in reference to a reckless driver pulling a trailer. While en route, Chief Yarbrough was advised the vehicle had run off the roadway. Chief Yarbrough and DPS Trooper Early arrived and located the vehicle, and after speaking with the driver, it was discovered the driver was having a blow out on the trailer he was towing, which caused the vehicle to appear to be acting in a reckless manner. The driver was assisted with the changing of the tire and released on scene.

Chief Yarbrough assisted the U.S. Treasury Department with the execution of a warrant, as well as the issuance of a subpoena, in the 2000 Blk of FM 696.

July 18, 2013

Cpt. Wooldridge met with a complainant at the Lexington Police Department who wanted to make a harassment complaint. The complainant advised that an unknown subject was trying to flag her down on HWY 77. A report was taken on this incident.

Cpt. Wooldridge was called to the 1000 Blk of Cherry St. where an individual locked the keys in the vehicle. Cpt. Wooldridge assisted the individual with unlocking of the vehicle.

Cpt. Wooldridge was dispatched to the 200 Blk of Holcomb St. where an elderly female reportedly observed a group of people walking around her house. Cpt. Wooldridge spoke with the complainant and checked around the house, but found no evidence of anyone being there. Cpt. Wooldridge then contacted a relative to have them go by and check on the elderly female periodically.

July 19, 2013

Officer Sandoval was dispatched to the 700 Blk of Hale St. in which a tree had fallen on a vehicle, causing damage. An information report was taken.

Officer Sandoval was dispatched to an alarm call at the Prosperity Bank. Officer Sandoval checked all windows and doors and found the building secure. Dispatch was then notified of the building being secure.

Chief Yarbrough was called to the 200 Blk of Rockdale St where three cows had fallen out of an unsecured trailer that was traveling on Rockdale St. Chief Yarbrough, Lexington Public Works employees, Tim Walch, Kenneth Chappell, Floyd Loving, and local citizens assisted in rounding up the cattle and getting them back in the possession of the owner.

Chief Yarbrough met with a complainant in the 200 Blk of Rockdale St. who made a formal complainant of sexual assault of a child. The alleged suspect in this case was the fiancée of the complainant and the stepfather to the victim. After Chief Yarbrough investigated the situation, it was found the incident occurred in Rockdale, TX. Chief Yarbrough contacted the Rockdale Police Department and forwarded all the necessary information, so they could continue with the investigation.

Officer Sandoval was dispatched to the 800 Blk of Rockdale St, in reference to a dog at large complaint. Officer Sandoval met with the complainant and located the residence where the dogs were coming from. Officer Sandoval then spoke to the owner of the dogs and issued them a warning for dog at large.

July 20, 2013

Officer Sandoval stopped a vehicle in the 8700 Blk of Hwy 77 for speeding. After making contact with the driver, identified as Roderick Clayton, B/M, and the front passenger, identified as Belinda Williams, B/F, Officer Sandoval could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. While speaking with Roderick, Officer Sandoval detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage. After a further investigation was conducted, Officer Sandoval requested assistance from DPS, and DPS Trooper Early arrived and assisted Officer Sandoval. Officer Sandoval conducted standard field sobriety tests to the driver, Roderick Clayton, and upon completion of the tests, Roderick was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. Also during the investigation and search of the vehicle, it was discovered the front passenger, Belinda Williams, was in possession of marijuana. Belinda was the arrested for Possession of Marijuana, under two ounces. Both Roderick Clayton and Belinda Williams were transported to the Lee County Jail and booked in. Roderick was charged and booked in for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Belinda Williams charged and booked in for Possession of Marijuana.

Cpl. Nurse and Officer Hefner were flagged down by a subject on Rockdale St. who stated while traveling on Rockdale St., a rock shattered their vehicle’s window. The complainant advised they believed the rock that caused the damage to their vehicle’s window came from a subject mowing their yard. Cpl. Nurse and Officer Hefner made contact with the subject operating the mower and advised them of the complaint. The complainant and the owner of the property exchanged information to be filed with insurance companies, to be resolved civilly. Cpl. Nurse and Officer Hefner cleared the scene and resumed their patrol duties.

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