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One Nation Under Fire

By The Patriot

Even though it was a small Indiana town, the local school board knew the law. Accommodations must be made for those who are less able. Their answer was to set up a special class in a long-abandoned old building on the edge of town.

Their mistake was in hiring Marcia who saw this arrangement as a magnificent opportunity to change the lives of children with limited abilities.

Yes, she taught them the basics. But, her understanding of caring for children included all aspects of their existence.

So it was that she cornered the local dentist to inform him that she would be sending him various children whose teeth needed attention. When he broached the subject of payment, she reminded him of his richness compared to their poverty.

She also confronted the inappropriate father of one of her girls with these encouraging words.

“If you ever touch her again, I will personally kill you, and then I will have you arrested.”

No one was immune from her demands, as my own pocketbook attested to more than once.

Through it all, an entire community became educated.

We learned that if you teach the child, but do not love the child, you have done only half the job.

Looking back, I cannot remember a single person who ever resented doing their half.

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