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The Steel Magnolias present Women’s “Garden Gathering & Concert” at First Baptist Church

Saturday morning, August 3, 2013, The Steel Magnolias of San Marcos, Texas, will present a “Garden Gathering . . . Bloom Where You Are”! to a women’s group convening at The First Baptist Church, Lexington, Texas, at 10 a.m.

The Steel Magnolias are the epitome of Christ-like grace and love. They share a bond that few people will ever know. When Debbie Daniel, director, announced to them one Sunday afternoon in 2006 that she wanted them to back her up singing, learn choreography and go on the road with her as the Steel Magnolias, they knew she had to be joking. “But Debbie, we don’t sing, surely you jest,” was their response. But they are singing now and blessing hearts everywhere they go. Our God is AMAZING! Their theme is, “Use us, Jesus . . . Lord, here we are.”

The Steel Magnolias are filled with “electric excitement” for the Lord. We praise God for their commitment to Him and willingness to serve.

In addition to their musical concerts, the ladies present a “Garden Gathering,” which has become an extension of their music ministry. These programs have been received with open arms; ladies’ groups throughout Central Texas have given rave reviews.

The Steel Magnolias bring in a garden setting of props and present Six “Ps” to plant in the garden:

Place (where you are in your life at this time); Purpose (to find your purpose in God’s plan for your life); Potential (to step out of your box and see the blessings God has for you); Prayer (this is the mightiest tool of all in our Christian walk); Pruning (this is the most painful process in our lives as God cuts away those things in our lives we don’t need in order for us to grow in Him); Promise (this is the most wonderful part of all that we have is His promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us . . . we’re His FOREVER!).

They bring the Six “Ps” to the Garden and have six of their women present scripture, personal testimony and encouragement to “Bloom Where You Are,” and let the Lord use you in a mighty way for His Glory.

In addition, The Steel Magnolias will present a mini-concert from their gospel music repertoire and will delight in sharing the message of Jesus Christ both in song and word.

If you’ve never seen The Steel Magnolias, you won’t believe your eyes, and you will certainly be clapping your hands, snapping your fingers, stomping your feet, and maybe even let out a “whoop” now and then. It’s a program you won’t want to miss of some of the most recent gospel music being sung.

The Steel Magnolias have presented benefit concerts in Brooklyn, New York, for a church damaged extensively by lightning; a concert on the seawall in Galveston, Texas, alongside the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, and helped First Baptist Church, Galveston, rebuild after the destruction of Hurricane Ike, and performed a benefit concert for the fire victims in Bastrop, Texas. They stay busy.

The Steel Magnolias not only love singing for their Lord, but they want to be involved in their community and help where they can. They raised over $10,000 and collected 2500 lbs. of food for their county food bank. Last year they presented twenty God and Country Celebrations throughout Central Texas honoring Veterans, Active Military and 1st Responders, raising $25,000 for the Wounded Warriors of Operation Comfort based in San Antonio, Texas.

In the past two and a half years, these women have averaged 7 concerts a month which is practically a full-time commitment, but they never grow weary from serving the Lord.

The First Baptist Church, Lexington, invites women throughout the area to come to this “Garden Gathering” and to also hear The Steel Magnolias sing. The program begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, August 3rd. The church is located at 221 3rd St. in Lexington.

You can call the church office, (979) 773-2633, or Debbie Daniel, (512) 757-4901, for more information, or go to: www.thesteelmagnolias.com to see program/concert schedule.

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