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Rev. DaveFischer Rev. DaveFischer Here in Texas, we like to think that the best person is the one who has “pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps”.

Reality, however, tells a different story. I thought about this when the weather turned hot and dry and the south winds fried everything in their path. It was the same week-end that our community completed its fourth benefit in a row.

In both cases, another word was introduced into the conversation: dependence.

As a people, we are very dependent, especially in the hard times. Some burdens simply cannot be carried alone. As ranchers, we are also very dependent upon the weather. Doesn’t matter how hard we work, if the rains do not come, no crops will be forthcoming.

In these, and other instances, we have to have some help. One of the benefits of that reality is that we have someone to thank. We can express our gratitude, and, in so doing, make a vital connection with our fellow human beings who also have to walk this vale of shadows.

So, my friends, be grateful that you are not “all on your own” and remember to say “thanks” to those who walk with you a while and lighten the load. Say a word, also, to the Big Man for His many blessings.

Rev. David Fischer is the Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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