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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

July 1, 2013

Deputy Ledenbach put a cow up that was reported out on CR 217 near the Bull Pen.

A caller reported that there was a shell of a car dropped off on her property. Deputy Jirasek checked on the vehicle and a report was taken. Bastrop County was notified.

Deputy Jirasek was unable to locate a construction barrel that was reported in the road on Hwy 21 at Hwy 77.

A theft was reported as having taken place on FM 141. Deputy Jirasek made contact with the caller, but no report was made.

Deputy Jirasek pulled a woman out of her house on FM 141 after her kitchen caught on fire when she fell while cooking. The woman was ok and did not want an ambulance.

July 2, 2013

A reckless driver was reported on Hwy 21, who turned onto Hwy 77 southbound. Deputy Ledenbach searched the area, but was unable to locate the vehicle.

Sergeant Allen and Deputy Grover took some information on a trailer that was reported stolen in Blue.

Deputy Jirasek checked on a man who was reported walking down the road on Hwy 290. All was ok. He was given a ride to the Bastrop County line.

July 3, 2013

Deputy Ayers took information for an ATV accident that occurred on CR 323.

A caller reported that mules were out on FM 180 near CR 125. The mules were gone prior to Captain Crockett’s arrival.

Deputy Rudolph took a report for criminal mischief on CR 329 after some mailboxes were damaged.

Deputy Rudolph and Captain Crockett responded to a theft on CR 119 and a report was taken.

A yellow cab rock hauler was failing to maintain a single lane of traffic, according to a caller. Deputy Burns searched the area, but was unable to catch up. The vehicle was stopped by Giddings Police.

Caller reported that his fatherin law received a call to send money to the Dominican Republic or the man would come beat him up. Deputy Burns took a report for phone harassment.

Deputy Rudolph was unable to locate some goats reported out on FM 141 near CR 121.

A civil standby was completed by Deputy Burns and Deputy Rudolph on CR 200.

A caller on CR 200 wanted to file a theft report; Deputy Burns responded and advised the subject that it was a civil matter.

Sergeant Carvin assisted Trooper Thorp with a one vehicle accident on FM 1697 near FM 180.

July 4, 2013

Dell’s Children’s Hospital called to inform the Sheriff’s Office that a two year old was bitten by the family dog. Deputy Liles took all the information and made a report on the incident.

Mailbox damage was reported on CR 216 and CR 218. Deputy Rudolph took a report.

Dispatch received a call regarding shots fired on PR 5000. Deputy Burns, Deputy Rudolph, and Trooper Harris all responded. Caller reported that some subjects fled the scene when deputies arrived.

Deputy Liles put a cow up on FM 141 near the Nails Creek Bridge.

Sergeant Carvin responded to a suspicious persons call on CR 316. Prior to his arrival, the caller called back to advise that they were some friends of the homeowner and all was ok.

Caller reported hearing gun fire on CR 308. Deputy Liles checked it out and everything was ok.

Sergeant Carvin responded to a burn ban violation on Hwy 77 south of Neil’s Dirt, but was unable to locate any fire in the area.

A caller reported that she could hear someone walking around her porch. Sergeant Carvin searched the area, but was unable to find anybody around. The dogs were barking due to the fireworks display.

A large fight was reported at the main entrance of the Lee County Fair Grounds. Sergeant Carvin, Deputy Liles and Trooper Thorp all responded. All parties involved in the fight had left the scene prior to the officers’ arrival.

July 5, 2013

College Station Police requested a welfare check on a resident on PR 1339. Deputy Ledenbach checked the residence, but nobody was there.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Grover ran some cows off the roadway on FM 141 near the Nails Creek Bridge.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Grover responded to a disturbance on CR 309. A criminal trespass warning was issued.

Deputy Jirasek assisted Trooper Manner and Trooper Thorp with a one vehicle accident on Hwy 77, half a mile north of Hwy 21.

Some criminal mischief was reported on CR 103. Sergeant Allen checked the area and information was taken.

July 6, 2013

A possible drunk driver was reported on Hwy 290 west. Deputy Ayers and Deputy Jirasek were unable to locate the vehicle.

A report for theft was taken by Deputy Grover and Deputy Ray on CR 130, after the owner noticed his radiators missing.

Deputy Grover, Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach, along with the Giddings and Lincoln Fire Departments, responded to a building on fire at Brad and Sons on Hwy 77. Deputy Grover took a report for information on the fire.

Callers reported a man walking down Hwy 290. Deputy Ledenbach checked on the subject and gave him a ride to the county line.

A caller reported a couple fighting in a car driving down the road. Deputy Ledenbach and Trooper Weiser located and stopped the vehicle. Everything was ok; both subjects advised that they were not fighting.

An ambulance was requested on CR 114 after a man was trampled by a cow. Deputy Ledenbach assisted B&M ambulance service.

Sergeant Allen, Deputy Ray, Deputy Grover and Deputy Ledenbach all responded to a disturbance on CR 111, after a caller advised that his uncle charged at him.

A house caught on fire on Hwy 290. The Giddings Fire Department, B&M Ambulance Service, Sergeant Allen, and Deputy Jirasek all responded. Everyone made it out of the house and all information was taken.

A civil standby was conducted by Deputy Jirasek on FM 696 so somebody could get their property out of the house.

A cow was run off the road way on Hwy 21 near CR 113 by Sergeant Allen.

A calf was reported out on CR 114 near CR 111. Deputy Ayers searched the area, but the calf was gone.

July 7, 2013

A car pulled up behind Deputy Jirasek while on a traffic stop and requested his assistance with an assault in progress. Deputy Jirasek and Deputy Ayers responded. All was ok and the parties had separated for the night.

A suspicious vehicle was reported on CR 430 near FM 141. Deputy Grover, Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach searched the area, but were unable to locate the vehicle.

Deputy Ray responded to an animal complaint on PR 8099. The subject was informed that it was a civil matter.

Cows were reported out on Hwy 77 near Middle Yegua Creek. Deputy Ray and Deputy Grover ran the cows back into a pasture.

Deputy Ayers and Sergeant Allen assisted Trooper Harris with a motorcycle accident on Hwy 77 north of CR 114.

Some suspicious activity was called in at Brad and Sons on Hwy 77 north. Deputy Ayers, Deputy Jirasek and Sergeant Allen all responded. Everything appeared to be ok. A vehicle was broken down and information was taken.

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