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Scammers Frighten Local Elderly Man

Threaten him for refusing to pay

Last Wednesday, July 3, a 90 year old man living in Lexington, received a phone call that left him stunned and frightened over the safety and wellbeing of his grandson.

At about 10:45 that morning, the elderly man received a phone call from someone who sounded like his grandson, who said, “Granddad, I’m in big trouble. I’m in the Dominican Republic and I need $1,825 right away or they are going to put me in jail for a month.”

He explained to his granddad that he and some friends went down to the Dominican Republic and that he had a wreck and that the police were saying he had to pay the fine immediately or go to jail for 30 days.

After making his plea, the grandson handed the phone over to another man who told the grandfather to go to the Dollar Store on Highway 77 in Lexington, where he could purchase a money gram for the amount needed. The man gave instructions to have it sent to Edward Guzman at Santiago – Dominican Republic.

The grandfather called his wife, who then called their grandson’s father. The father knew it had to be a scam since he knew exactly where his son was.

In the meantime, the man called back to see if the money gram had been sent. He called several times before the elderly gentleman told him he was not going to send any money. That’s when the foreign man threatened the grandfather saying, “I know where you live!”

This incident was reported to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, where Deputy Burns reported that the caller also threatened to beat up the grandfather.

The message in this article is for the residents of our area. “Even if a caller seems to sound like a loved one or someone you know, and even if they seem to be very familiar with you (i.e. by calling you “Granddad” or something), do not assume they are who they say they are when they ask for a large sum of money,” said Sheriff Rodney Meyer.

“There is a lot of information available about each of us, through the internet, on Facebook, and the like, that wasn’t always available. That’s one reason why we hear about these kinds of scams all the time. Be suspicious and follow up before you hand over your hard earned money.”

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