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Senior Recovers Quickly After Car Accident

Eloise Carmen Eloise Carmen An event that would be traumatic at any age is even more so for an 87-year-old. Eloise Carmen, an Independent Living resident at Kruse Village hit a truck, totaling her car and miraculously had no broken bones; however, she suffered from painful contusions all over her body. Because of the pain, she spent a week in the hospital and the following three weeks in the rehabilitation program at Kruse Village.

Carmen felt comfortable knowing she was able to undergo inpatient rehab just by switching rooms at Kruse Village, where she was able to receive all the physical therapy she needed.

“A car accident is never something that you plan on and that is why I’m glad that I was able to get the help I needed to deal with such a sudden, unexpected traumatic experience,” said Carmen. “After I left inpatient rehab, the therapist came to my home in the Independent Living part of the community and worked with me on strengthening exercises.”

The pain from the impact of the crash and the contusions from the seatbelt caused Carmen difficulty with her mobility. The physical therapist at Kruse Village worked with Carmen to help strengthen her ligaments while experiencing as little pain as possible.

“The care I received after my accident was top notch,” said Carmen. “It is important for the community to know that this type of rehabilitation program is available to them because it brought me back to my old self. I’m able to fully move and go to activities with my friends again.”

While the public may know of Kruse Village as a retirement community, the high quality rehabilitation program has helped countless people in the area of all ages recover from serious injuries. The staff enjoys seeing the patients’ faces as they edge closer and closer to the physical state they were in before their injury or illness.

“Our rehabilitation program at Kruse Village is unique because it is offered as an inpatient and outpatient service, and not just for our residents but for the general public as well,” said Lillian Hayden, director of healthcare services at Kruse Village. “We handle anything from sports injuries and prosthesis training, to swallowing disorders and post-op care and education.”

To learn more about the rehabilitation program at Kruse Village, call Lillian Hayden at 979- 830-1996 extension 2033.

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