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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

June 17, 2013

A motorist reported that a vehicle was parked in the middle of FM 3403. Deputy Ledenbach located the vehicle and advised it had been in a wreck. Trooper Thorp worked the accident.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Grover were dispatched to CR 132 after a resident reported approx 50 head of cattle out. The cows were put up at 1016 CR 132. The owner was notified.

A complainant advised that he was having an argument and he wanted a deputy to respond. Deputy Grover, Deputy Ray and Deputy Ledenbach responded. The matter was resolved and everything was ok.

Deputy Ayres was dispatched to CR 405 in Lexington to speak to a complainant regarding a verbal threat that was made.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a female stating that she needed help and then hung up the phone. Dispatch called the complainant back and she advised she called by mistake. Deputy Ayres and Deputy Jirasek went to the residence and found out that the caller’s son was intoxicated and arguing with his girlfriend. They left for the night.

June 18, 2013

A complainant reported that there was a man at Sonny’s RV Park and he had been acting very strange. He was in the office area hiding behind the dryers and trying to crawl into the washing machines. Deputy Ayres and Deputy Jirasek located the subject and made contact with his father. They met at the trailer where he lives and his father had him take his medication and said he would be ok.

An anonymous caller spoke to Chief Deputy Lapham about some suspicious substance. The substance was collected and will be sent off to be tested.

Deputy Jirasek met with a complainant in Dime Box. Subject located a gun in the roadway and requested the deputy pick it up.

A motorist reported that a truck was pulled over on Hwy 290 West with the flashers on. Deputy Jirasek searched to the Bastrop County line and advised the vehicle had left.

The Sheriff’s Office received a silent 9-1-1 call. Attempts to call the number resulted in a busy signal. Deputy Jirasek went to the residence and spoke to the home owners who advised they must have called by accident because everything was ok.

June 19, 2013

A motorist reported a one vehicle rollover at FM 112 @ CR 336 in Lexington. Deputy Ayres responded to the call. DPS took the accident report and the driver was transported to the hospital.

A caller reported that he wanted to report that someone stole his money from his residence. Deputy Rudolph took the report and charges are pending.

A complainant advised that her mother was refusing to give her income tax check to her. Deputy Allen spoke to both parties. The mother dropped the income tax check off at the Sheriff’s Office for the daughter.

Deputy Liles was dispatched to Westwood Villa Apartments after a caller reported that she was arguing with her boyfriend and he threatened to call his sister over to beat her up. The couple was separated for the night.

June 20, 2013

A motorist reported that an 18- wheeler was stalled at the intersection of CR208 and FM 2239. Deputy Rudolph checked the area and advised the truck had left.

Deputy Rudolph assisted with a civil standby at Westwood Villa Apartments. A female subject wanted to get the rest of her belongings out of her boyfriend’s place.

Chief Deputy Lapham, Deputy Rudolph, Deputy Burns and Deputy Crockett responded to an 18-wheeler that ran off the road and struck a tree on Hwy 21 approx 1 mile west of CR 113. Deputy Early worked the accident report.

A motorist reported that she hit a baby deer on CR 220 and it was still alive but appeared to be suffering. She requested the deer be put down. Deputy Liles advised when he pulled up, the deer got up and hopped the fence and ran off.

Deputy Burns and Deputy Liles were dispatched to a residence on FM 696 West. A caller reported that some items had been stolen from his property. A report was taken and investigation continues at this time.

June 21, 2013

A caller reported that a vehicle was parked in the lane of traffic on Hwy 77 near the Hwy 21 ramp. Deputy Liles located the vehicle and asked for a wrecker so they could move it off the roadway.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a female on CR 200. She advised that her mother/land lord was beating on her front door and was screaming at her. The caller was afraid she will kick in the front door. Deputy Ledenbach was on the way when the caller called back on 9-1-1 and reported that her mother finally left.

A complainant advised that the subject who was issued a criminal trespass warning was back inside the residence on CR 200. Deputy Jirasek and Deputy Allen responded to the call. The subject was located inside the residence and arrested for criminal trespass. The landowner cut the power to the residence while deputies were on scene. Deputy Allen called the subject back to the residence to turn the power back on because he was not allowed to do that.

Deputy Ayres and Deputy Allen responded to a residence on CR 232. The complainant stated that 2 foster girls were fighting. The fight was verbal only and the girls were separated for the night.

June 22, 2013

A motorist reported that there was an 18-wheeer loaded with pipe traveling westbound on Hwy 21. She advised that the pipe had shifted and she was worried it would fall off the truck. Deputy Allen located the truck and got the driver to pull over. The load was adjusted and they were back on the road.

A complainant called and advised that her son was angry and was throwing things in the house and yelling. She advised that she had been trying to kick him out for 2 months, but he refused to leave. Deputy Jirasek and Deputy Allen arrived on scene and the caller advised her son left before they arrived.

A motorist reported that a truck heading southbound on Hwy 77 @ FM 3403 had no lights on. Deputy Ayres searched the area.

June 23, 2013

A motorist reported a male subject sitting on the grass in the bar ditch near an RV Park. Deputy Ledenbach located the subject, who advised he was just resting. He advised he was walking to La Grange.

Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Ray were dispatched to a disturbance call on FM 180. Deputies advised it was an ongoing civil matter and both parties agreed to separate for the night.

A caller reported that a truck was stuck on the railroad track on CR 200. Deputy Allen located the truck and it was towed at the owner’s request.

Deputy Ayres spoke to a complainant regarding her juvenile daughter, who went to stay with a friend for the weekend, and should have been home already. The complainant spoke to the friend she was supposed to have stayed with, but she told her she had not been there. While the deputy was at the complainant’s house, the juvenile daughter returned home.

A concerned citizen reported that a man was running down Hwy 290 West and he didn’t have a shirt on. Deputy Jirasek located the man and he was practicing for cross country.

Jail Report

Jail Count: 06/23/2013: 39 Males: 38 Females: 1


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