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This is now the second time that I have been forced to step forward and correct our nation’s perspective.

The first was during the Bicentennial when I was sickened by the vast amount of negative writings about our beloved country and its leaders.

What motivates me now? A similar sickness, but this one is caused more by my fellow citizens than our leaders.

Friends, we talk, talk, talk, but never do.

This nation, which once forged a new world reality out of a vast wilderness while standing up to the greatest power of the time, has suddenly become passive.

Where our forefathers swung into action, we shrug our shoulders, smugly reassuring one another “nothing can be done”.

That is true, except for those who have decided that something can be done, and they did it with marvelous, life-changing results!

So, in the pages to come, you will read their stories. And, I will try, once again, to inspire the greatest people in the world to remember who they are and the difference they can make by the simple decision to live by my new National Motto:Shut Up and Do Something”.

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